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I feel I'm getting closer and closer to my son. He is such a great teenager. We just got done with dinner at a bayside restaurant on Saturday night. We decided to go for a walk along the water to settle the food. The conversations we have are getting so deep.

As his dad, I am very close to him. I consciously make sure each day we hug and check in about how our days went. He is handling growing up very well. He is caring and thoughtful. I really like him as a person a lot, not just because I'm his dad, but because of who he is. I support him so fervently.

I have radically different tact with my son and daughter. Well, that's because they are different people. As a parent, I feel that I have a responsibility to meet them where they are at mentally, so I can understand their perspective. Only when I've seen theirs, will I offer my own. As they are growing up, I am getter closer rather than further away.


What a wonderful picture No1 and an even more beautiful post. You should win the father of the year award. Listening is the greatest skill never taught and least appreciated especially in today's modern, internet based and technology driven world. Simple human interaction is a lost art, but the bones of its existence remain and can be used in the right hands to make the world and our families a better place in which to live.

I'm consistently and constantly amazed how labor intensive it has become for most people to express a kind word or lend a helping hand when these gestures require little to no effort at all. All dialogue whether with those you come in contact with in the world at large or within the confines of your family should begin with a foundation of understanding. Don't judge lest you be judged and all of that biblical wisdom.

What a special life you have carved out for yourself and your family. You are spending the time and effort to strengthen the family bond and I am sure of this if not anything else that it will pay off in the end more than any dollar spent to attempt to achieve the same result ever could. Thank you for continuing to share, and as always I wish you and yours the best!

You are an awesome dad and person. So refreshing to read about parenting from a father's perspective--especially one that is so insightful and committed.

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