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I'm a couple days away from a month off traveling with the family. I keep a map box in the attic. Pulled it out to grab some state maps we will be wandering around before we head overseas. It was a mess so I started organizing the box. I was suprprised as I had never really reflected on just how much ground we have covered since the kids were born.


We have camped at or visited these national parks, national monuments and rec areas (I know I must be missing some maps of other ones we've stayed at). This doesn't include the probably over 50 state parks we've camped at in different states.

It feels good.

Safe travels to all this summer.


Can I just say that I love Vacation! and all of its offspring! Such a true representation of what it is like to be in confined quarters with the ones you love or afterwards the ones you used to love. ;)

So much of these movies ring true. You get at your ropes end dealing with the day to day dramas, but in the end after decompressing these are the memories that stay with you for a life time. Love conquers all is a cliche never more true than a family vacation. It's time to stop No. 1 you already won the award for best father,,,,time to rest on your laurels. :D
Thanks. My kids are gone in 2-4 years to college. I will be running this pace probably until then. FYI, a lot of 70 hour work weeks precede some of these trips just to organize the work side of life. Work hard, play hard. :thumb:
When I was thirteen my family traveled across the US from Ohio to California then back. We hit every national park along the way. It was a long trip--almost three months. In that time so many memories were created. It truly was a gift to have the resources to have such an adventure. My dad loves exploring--just like you. Albeit we stayed in hotels rather than camped. He isn't good a roughing it. Neither am I. :p
Figured I'd throw these here as they are relevant.

Good morning




"I see no further now than this dream,

The trembling hand of the trembling man"

A little f1.8 handheld action. A long night walk on small backstreets with one of the kids. No destination, just walking.

It was so peaceful to hear the soft voices, the dishes softly clanging, the doors opening and closing. The wonderful life that was coming from these houses, we felt like ghosts wandering through their world.






Picked up some hard copies of music I already have. Also a local pick from a staffer here



I found a LIHS cd but it was not country specific, so not any reason for me to get it here.

This one stuck out for us tonight as we wandered.

Take me out tonight, where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive.

Wow, I've made 1000 posts to this place. Thanks DavidT for giving me this little corner of nowhere to share.
We have been on the road for a few weeks now. These are from the first week, just me and my daughter. If I don't put these up, they'll never get put up. I'm already a thousand picks behind.









My son and I were out walking around tonight. We always have to go into any used books stores for my son to look for graphic novel complete sets. I always browse as well and tonight I had excellent results.


Top - a classic, remastered with extra 10 songs.

Middle - just my own sweet excess, haven't heard this in forever.

Bottom - The German stop me. I think I already have it but can't remember, so I just got it.
Ohio Players are the bomb! You will like it. Classic 70's R&B Funk band. Love Rollercoaster and Fire (used by Gordon Ramsey for his Hell's Kitchen theme.) All the pictures are beautiful as I have come to expect from your excellent photographic skills, but the one of you taking the picture from the edge of the cliff made my stomach a bit wobbly. Not a fan of heights! More falling great distances onto rocks. :eek:

Love the cityscape photo. I am a huge fan of the Travel Channel and I watch No Reservations religiously. I can only imagine the wonderfully diverse and authentic food you are experiencing during your journey. If it is not too much to ask a few snapshots of the food you guys are eating would be appreciated. I just saw an episode involving hot pots that looked quite delicious. I am a full blown carnivore so nothing is out of bounds!

Safe travels and continue to post the glorious photos along the way with the knowledge that they are being viewed and appreciated! All the best to you and your family. Again, they are so lucky to have a father/husband like you and please show this post to them so they can be reminded of this and that not every man has the quantity of love in their heart that you do in fact quite few do. Take care!

Nighttime adventures are so unique. Dark, steamy, neon and elicit. The alleyways and stair cut-throughs between the street markets always trip me out. Ended up at dinner with a view. A date night for me and my wife.






The night views mesmerize me every time.




What a great place to eat dinner by the window. The alleyways do look a bit uninviting, but not everything good is clean and polished. Glad you continuing to enjoy your vacation!
Alford desert

Umpqua national forest

Crater lake

Steen mountain range

Butte lake

Lassen cinder cone



Hong Kong

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