They will wake up yawn and kill you (not really)

As my kids get older, I find they have their own thirst for their own hard earned wisdom. My wife and I can prevent so many failings for them if they just blindly followed ours. But is that really giving them wisdom. I truly don't think so.

I understand the young adult process that you have to reject wisdom to forge your own. I am not at all offended and understand. Nothing crazy, just the weird look when you state your knowledge to them. It is always a conversation. No one has ever stormed out of our family conversations. My kids have good emotional groundwork and don't run from issues.

The years 15 through 17 are an absolute whirlwind as I look in from the outside though. I was so completely alone and emotionally impoverished during that time of my life. My kids do not live in my teenage reality. I am here, as they ply, knowing they may fail, ready to catch.


Let them swing in their own directions. You gave them the tools. All you can do is trust that you taught them to think critically and not to just parrot your views. They must find their own truths. That is what becoming an adult is all about. Cut the cord but do catch them if they fall.

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