Woodie Taylor on memories of "Vauxhall and I"

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    Gaining On The Comets: Producer Woodie Taylor In Interview - Artrocker
    Woodie Taylor has worked with Artrocker faves from Veronica Falls to Shrag alongside superheroes like Morrissey. Here the producer/musician reveals his studio secrets - and how you could get started at the desk


    Outside of your work as a producer, you've also done a variety of interesting work, such as playing drums on the classic Morrissey album Vauxhall and I! What are your memories of that record?

    Rather dream-like really. Three months of a hot summer at a residential recording studio. Working with (producer) Steve Lillywhite, who is inspirational – a master at drawing out the best performances. I think Morrissey had reached a new songwriting high (with Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte), was happy (honestly!) and singing so well - there were a great band of musicians and engineers involved in making this something really special.

    ...Finally, what is the best song of all time, and what is the best-produced song of all time?

    I find these kind of questions hard to answer, as it changes from day to day with me… today I’d put 'Now My Heart Is Full' by Morrissey as the best song.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, May 31, 2012.

    1. Anonymous
      Up until Matt Walker joined, nobody played as good as Woodie Taylor in Morrissey's solo career, or maybe even in his entire career. He's a BIG reason the Vauxhall/Boxers-era material had that wonderful, smooth and classic sound. Listen to him on Billy Budd. It's nice to read about the little things, like how it was a hot summer, recording in somebody's home studio, and that Morrissey was happy - because that certainly came through in Vauxhall. He's never had an album as good since. I think I have actually read this interview before, like 6 mos. to a year ago, but it's always nice to read personal things about my favorite Morrissey album. It's a shame he spends so much time producing now and not playing, because Woodie can really jam.
    2. Anonymous
      I agree fully that Woodie's drumming on Vauxhall is superb. I actually find him to be much nicer to listen to than Walker. I always found it a shame that Moz didn't bring Woodie on tour with him. You mention that you wish he played more,,,in fact he does, I just saw him play in NYC with Comet Gain last week. They are fantastic.

    3. celibate
      Listen to Spencer Cobrin on Southpaw Grammar

      Always wondered why Morrissey changed bass and drumms on Vauxhall&I

      [as for the anonymous nr1 above, Morrissey was NOT happy in that time, Mick Ronson died,
      who was suposed to do the follow up to Your Aresenal, which Mick produced]

      He[Morrissey] said he finally found a trusty good agent, mr Thomas, he also died, also
      his video/clip maker died, so 3 peolpe in afew months died who were important, believe me that make a chronic depressed person definately not happy]
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    4. Anonymous
      No-one can hold a candle to Deano ! Brilliant drummer , far better than anything previous or since.
    5. Anonymous
      Spencer was kicked out of the band (as was Gary Day) at the time but he was brought back in for the more rockin Southpaw record. The Vauxhall line-up of Boorer/Whyte/Bridgewood/Taylor was the best Moz worked with (aside from The Smiths).
    6. Anonymous
      Okay, this is 1st Anonymous again. I'm sure what you said about all the deaths is true. However, it was an album (Vauxhall) full of serenity and it had many moments on it, that for it being Morrissey, sounded happier and more at peace than most of his albums, don't you think so? Maybe he found solace in the midst of his friends dying. Plus, I have read that he sort-of rekindled his relationship with Marr around that time. I'm SURE that made him feel positive.
      Regarding Spencer on Southpaw Grammar, I would hope you're NOT talking about The Operation. That drum intro is spliced together from miscellaneous parts. It wasn't played straight through. When it was played live, it NEVER sounded as good as the spliced one on the recording. I'm fond of Spencer, who is at heart a composer, not a drummer. Woodie played with nuances and excitement, not just providing a backbone. Listen to 'Sunny' and 'Swallow On My Neck'.
      Regarding Walker, I've been a fan of his since the mid 90s, when he played drums in Filter. Then he played with the Smashing Pumpkins. Listen to 'The End Is The Beginning...' and most of the Adore album for good examples of Walker's skill level.
    7. Anonymous
      Nice article. Why did Morrissey switch Spencer out for Woodie? Was it a mutual decision or what? I always thought it seemed a bit strange, especially since Spencer was back behind the kit for the 95 Boxers tour.

      Maybe I'm just deaf, but I always thought Jonny Bridgewood was Morrissey's best bassist. No other fan seems to agree; it's always about Gary's tattoos or Solomon's looks.
    8. Frickey
      Drumming is superb all through Southpaw, not just on The Operation (whether it was done in one take or not). That being said- I'll go with Andrew Paresi as the finest drumming on a Morrissey solo record.

    9. celibate
      I agree it's Morrissey's solo finest album

      And the bro's Walker are doing a great job in his current band

      what about Johnny Bridgewood [who played bass on Vauxhall&I]

      Again it sounds great, but I have the feeling that Gary and Spencer had played,there wouldn't have been much change

      That's why I wondered the change for 1 album

      no offense
    10. Anonymous
      1st again. no offense taken! Please don't be offended by me also. I LOVE having fun debates about Morrissey and crew. I'm a drummer myself, so that's why I say the things I do. When Walker plays, the energy pours out into the crowd. He's like Matt Cameron from Soundgarden/P.Jam. I've got nothing against Spencer at all. He played very well, and he meant something to us also, like Alain did (which is priceless). Jonny Bridgwood was the best bassist to play with Moz since Andy Rourke (who is BY FAR the best, period). I've seen Morrissey perform a few years ago in Pittsburgh, and Solomon can definitely do a good job, he just doesn't have the smooth style of Jonny - who can play a ton of notes, slides, etc. I don't know what Jonny is doing now, but he should be a studio hired-hand. He's definitely good enough, and would make quite a nice living, without having to go on tour.
    11. Jamie
      Spencer is the drummer on the A Swallow on My Neck. He and Gary were brought back to record that and Moonriver circa March 1994, appeared on TOTP for The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, and then were let go again. Woodie mentioned this in an earlier interview at the beginning of the 2000s. If you compare the style to the other two songs on the Sunny single, you can hear quite a difference in the drumming.
    12. markmustb1
      I agree !! truly miss Deano ~ too short of time in "moz history"
      Please Please Please ,Boz lose the dress- it's ridiculous
    13. Anonymous
      Yes They're all great drummers. It really doesn't matter. It's about the song writing and melodies. Anyone who can differentiate on who is the best drummer on eacg album needs to get out more. Do they keep the beat going? Um... yes.
    14. 123xyz
      Wow , after reading this thread, had a quick look at the CD insert for the Pumpkins album " Adore". Yep, there he is, as listed on most of the tracks - "Drums by Matt Walker".
    15. markmustb1
      You're right "It really doesn't matter" I just liked Deano, Morrissey can sit on stool and sing and it would
      be just as mesmerizing , Quarry is the one for me (of course I have them All) NOT kidding about drag Boz though.
    16. nozmuppet
      Moz/Lillywhyte wanted a different sound, Woodie was perfect for the V&I album, fast precise drumming.

      Gary & Spencer were brought back for the subsequent tour/promos.

      Just dont get how you can follow up V&I with 2 duff albums Maladjusted/Grammar.
    17. Anonymous

      Not duff, just patchy. With a few tracks off Maladjusted and a few tracks off Southpaw (plus Boxers), you'd have one album easily as strong as V&I.
    18. Anonymous
      Maladjusted isn't that bad, there's some clunkers on it but also some very great songs too. Southpaw is the only one I can't take...other than Boy Racer and Nobody Loves Us (b-side) it's a forgettable album.
    19. nozmuppet
      Well the patchy albums lead to a 7 year hiatus to Los Angeles...back to drumming I am going to say my top 3 album drummers would be

      1. Andrew Paresi

      2. Woodie Taylor

      3. Spencer Cobrin

      Tour Drummers:

      1. Spencer Cobrin

      2. Matt Walker

      3. Deano

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