Woodie Taylor on memories of "Vauxhall and I"

Gaining On The Comets: Producer Woodie Taylor In Interview - Artrocker
Woodie Taylor has worked with Artrocker faves from Veronica Falls to Shrag alongside superheroes like Morrissey. Here the producer/musician reveals his studio secrets - and how you could get started at the desk


Outside of your work as a producer, you've also done a variety of interesting work, such as playing drums on the classic Morrissey album Vauxhall and I! What are your memories of that record?

Rather dream-like really. Three months of a hot summer at a residential recording studio. Working with (producer) Steve Lillywhite, who is inspirational – a master at drawing out the best performances. I think Morrissey had reached a new songwriting high (with Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte), was happy (honestly!) and singing so well - there were a great band of musicians and engineers involved in making this something really special.

...Finally, what is the best song of all time, and what is the best-produced song of all time?

I find these kind of questions hard to answer, as it changes from day to day with me… today I’d put 'Now My Heart Is Full' by Morrissey as the best song.

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You're right "It really doesn't matter" I just liked Deano, Morrissey can sit on stool and sing and it would
be just as mesmerizing , Quarry is the one for me (of course I have them All) NOT kidding about drag Boz though.
Yeah this whole "who's the best drummer and Jesse can't play guitar" crap is just that... crap. Boz drag and semi naked band is embarrassing! Glad I saw the band when they were stylish individuals, not halloween costumed drones.

- marred.


Forever Ill
Moz/Lillywhyte wanted a different sound, Woodie was perfect for the V&I album, fast precise drumming.

Gary & Spencer were brought back for the subsequent tour/promos.

Just dont get how you can follow up V&I with 2 duff albums Maladjusted/Grammar.
Bullocks, as I wrote, Mick Ronson would do Vauxhall&I, but Mick didn't made it,
and lost a battle against cancer

[Mick Ronson produced the best promoted album and tour Your Arsenal, I write PR, this did an agent who also died before Vauxhall,
Mr Thomas , Nigel i believe]

you might be right with this in mind and the glam rock Arsenal, Morrissey wanrted a more polished sound,
but he could've hired any good studio drummer and bass player, Woody and Johnny Br. did a good job, that's
where they're hired for


Listen to ' The Malady Lingers On' DVD...and Beethoven was Deaf CD, you hear how Gary growed, Spencer is the best drummer Morrissey
worked with, but wanted more than just drumming, and Morrissey had allready 2 guitarist fighting for demoos to be recorded, so 3 was too much and
Spencer was out, told by the Van cleaner:lbf:

'and they say he's mentall'


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