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  • I just saw your post on bootlegs I have *Nov. 25 Hartford, CT - Webster Theater 1997 I recorded it on a sony walkman with cheap mic..
    Great job with all the updates to the wiki.
    hey MR! benny here....did you get the CARNEGIE HALL and WATERBURY CT RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL shows my friend uploaded at dime??? peace, ba p.s. i have a few more...
    Hi MR
    How are U mate ?
    I'm writing to U not about the Smiths/Mozzer stuffs but concerning The Housemartins.

    I'm looking for the Dusseldorf gig recorded in November 1987. It's a very interesting one because during the encore they played Tommy Gun.

    If you fancy the Martins, The Beautiful South or Paul Heaton I could send U some boots via Wetranfer.

    So perhaps you are the Man of the situation.
    Thx in advance and take care,

    June 5 Landgraaf - Pinkpop 2006

    starting on the list. just to let you know I usually have a couple cocktails while relistening to these shows (hense my name drifter )
    as I mentioned I just got this new computer and it has windows 8 which is like learning a whole new tongue, so please be patience
    Hi Mr

    I have posted a message a few minutes ago. To get sure that you will get my answer.

    Thx again for your help and take care,

    Hi MR

    A request, please. I have discovered the blog EXTRA TRACK (and a tacky badge) with the restored versions of all the Smiths singles with some extra bonus tracks from various sources. I have downloaded 9 cds out of 21 because for the rest of them now the links are closed / dead due to copyrights. Do U know please (you have helped me several times in the last months, cheers again) if it's possible to find them ? It's a fantastic restoration especially with the sleeves updaded and to get all the songs on the same cd single for each Rough Trade releases (or not officially release like RATF).

    So if you could help me, thx in advance

    Take care,

    Hi MR

    I'm not sure that U got my previous message. So thx, thx again. The movie is magic.

    All the best and congratulations for your patience and devotion (dedication) to Mozzer and all the members of our community

    Sincerely yours, ta
    Hi MR

    I have just finished to download the file. Amazing, magic, awesome.

    You are really a nice and charming man according to Moz criteria.

    If I can help U drop me a line. I will do my best.

    For the present time I will watch the full movie thx to you.

    Cheers again and again,

    I have received your reply but I'm not sure that I have send U my answer on the right way.
    So perhaps you will get it twice. Sorry about that.
    Here we go and ta

    Yes MozR. This is this one The HB video. If you can do that for me. Cheers a thousand times
    Hi from Corsica

    Have you got the full movie in Video format (AVI) because I have not installed Torrent. I have found the DVD on Those Charming Men blog but the files on depositfiles are too heavy unfortunately.

    So if you can help me thx for your help and have a nice week end
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