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By Thewlis on Jul 8, 2019 at 10:11 AM
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    Jul 15, 2006
    BLUE RONDO A LA TURK - Morrissey Central
    July 8, 2019


    "I liked them because they seemed two jumps ahead of everyone else. The mere sight of them suggested big league, but they didn't quite get that far. They were one of the very few groups that the Smiths supported, but there was a scepticism about them being just 'club models' … who asked and got. This was said also about very early Roxy Music … who appeared to be quite affluent before they'd even had a hit. With Blue Rondo, again, you suspected that they were given all of their fantastic suits for free whilst the rest of us had to dream of being able to buy SOMETHING that didn't look TOO abysmal. The main electric spark was their dancing which was very virile and athletic … and even though they came from the Blitz/Billy's scene they seemed like supermale prizefighters or nightclub heavies … deep-chested vocals, narrow-hipped, and very much a man's, man's, man's, man's world. I don't think a sudden tussle would trouble them in the least. But their songs were not about the curves of seductive women - or even about women … as if women might even lack some essential excitement. It's a safe bet that they couldn't stand the Smiths … me singing about not even a glimmer of adventure sex. But that was 1982 or, for me, 1947. Their companion Robert Elms described me as "Ena Sharples". I was actually flattered because Violet Carson, I thought, was extremely funny. You know how comedians or comic actors think that if they show lots of teeth people will think they're saying something hilarious … when of course they aren't? Well, Violet Carson kept her teeth well hidden. Maybe she had none? How did I get from Blue Rondo a la Turk to Violet Carson?
    Oh. Well, Blue Rondo were a London band … which was obvious to us because they actually had shoes. I don't think their songs were as good as ours, but our shoes weren't as good as theirs, so, there we are.
    They quickly went away and didn't return. I don't know if it's even possible to find their music anymore, but it certainly wouldn't hurt the ear. I think some of Blue Rondo were from the West Indies whereas of course all of the Smiths were born at the Manchester Scabies & Gripe Maternity Hospital."

    Morrissey 7 July 2019, talking to himself (for … what choice?)

    * sorry, I have no idea who took the above photograph.

    Amusing musings from Moz about the first Smiths-support act.

    Note posted by an anonymous person:

    Actually, it was the other way around. The Smiths supported them. It was their first live show ever on 4 October 1982 at the Ritz.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thewlis, Jul 8, 2019.

    1. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444
      Fame is fickle:straightface:
      I just found out that :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: has been reduced to having opened up
      for those twats New Order.:worried:
      what a catastrophe.:worried:

      maybe Moz can throw him a bone,but first he has to apologize for his childish
      attitude and find some better hair. and take guitar lessons:thumb:
      then maybe he can do a 10 min set before Interpol.
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    2. reelfountain
      Moz is a true cultural artist.

      It would be great if he took these musings further and wrote a book about musical culture and culture in general throughout the years.
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    3. Thewlis
      Yes, he may sell out shows but how large are these venues? And on festivals he is on at 5 in the afternoon?
      That's quite unlike the success Morrissey has achieved in the last decades.

      Of course the Killers guest spot was sensational and that clearly delighted Moz, he even put Marr on his website for it. But it was a guest spot, let's not forget that.

      And this is it really. I can't see him becoming more succesful as a solo artist than he is today. He is still much more of an ex-Smith than Morrissey ever was. All the fame and success he enjoys at the moment is because of The Smiths.

      Yes, of course he should say that he clearly doesn't agree with Moz, but it would mean the world if he, like Joyce and Rourke, or even Brandon Flowers, would simply say a gentle tone of kindness or written words on paper - can you write? ;)
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    4. Anonymous
      Persinally I think Linda's are more valid or even Russell brand. It's interesting none of them are getting involved
    5. Thewlis
      Absolutely. Even during the Boxers-tour, one of my very favourite tours which saw Moz at perhaps his peak creatively, he was playing small venues and the general British public couldn't care less.

      Good quote from Maconie. Could be used ever so perfectly in 2019.
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    6. Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid
      Well, I'm intrigued. Is someone writing a book? About to spill the beans? I know Andy Rourke's been threatening to write his story for ages and I think so has Mike.
    7. Amy
      For those who missed the wonders of Boomslang first time round, here's Johnny at that time. Almost impossible to believe it's the same guy who just played at Glasto. Unrecognisable.

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    8. Uncleskinny
      I'm not going over old ground here, you can find it in the archive, suffice to say someone who knows told me, and they would not lie about such things.
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    9. Anonymous
      These aren't just regular cyclical events - you're massively understating the ghastliness of Morrissey's words and actions in the last 18 months. Exposed as an absolute liar (and a total fool) by Der Spiegel, his frightening continued support for a blatantly right wing (whether far-right or not) political organisation, and unbelievably disgusting comments about race. This situation is like nothing he has ever brought upon himself during his 35+ years in the public eye. He's pissed people off in the past, sure, but they were always people that hated the Smiths and him in the first place (the right wing media, royalty, the meat industry etc.) Now he has utterly sickened the very people who supported him the most throughout his singing career. Hence the mass-hemorrhaging of over 50% of his UK (at least) fan base. Yes, he can pull things back a little but only with the kind of retraction proposed earlier in this thread and, even then, a good chunk of the people who followed him over the years will never return. Underestimate the scale of this current situation at your peril.
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    10. Anonymous
      Last call for Mr. Finan departing for Dubai at gate 66. Please make your way to the gate please.
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    11. Anonymous
      The same person who told you that Boz had left the group a year or so ago, presumably.
      Utter clown.
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    12. Thewlis
      Yes, saw him on that tour, it was the first time I saw Johnny live.
      With Ringo Starr's son on drums. Pretty good show, but the songs weren't.
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    13. Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid
      I know that you know, but I thought maybe someone was ready to tell the world. I mean, I would think a bombshell like this would move quite a few books!
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    14. drag me down
      drag me down
      We only see half of what goes on in the creative process. How Morrissey has stayed sane, I will never know. I used to amateurishly write my own songs and I felt as though I'd explode if noone else heard them straight away. He's managed to cope with that all this time, and he still does. Songwriting takes a lot of patience, it seems to me. And probably a lot of disappointment. No wonder he sometimes felt ill and a little queasy.
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    15. Anonymous
      The general British public have never cared about Morrissey. He wasn't playing arenas but neither was he playing 'small' venues re: Boxers tour. The gigs were amazing though. If only the clock could be turned backwards?
    16. Amy
      What was it like? His lyrics haven't got any better over the years, they're still utter nonsense but at least you can hear him now. "The Last Ride"....I couldn't make out four words.
    17. Amy
      It would result in another court case :lbf: and Moz would win it this time.
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    18. Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid
      I have to say I absolutely LOVE this song. I wish he would play it live, it would be so much better now. I see your point and can understand why it took him so long to re-emerge as a solo act. He served a good apprenticeship in Modest Mouse touring the world for a couple of years and especially playing in the rock'n'roll environment of the Cribs to really embrace being an exciting frontman.
    19. Anonymous
      What always saved me as Moz fan was that I never paid any attention to the people around him. I couldn't care less about Johnny and his guitar or Boz or the rest. Just puppets to me and none of them have even an ounce of personality or anything you can call star quality.

      Simple craftsmen selling a tune here and there to make them able to eat chips and get fat. Whereas Moz is so much more than his lyrics and he is everything from a poet to a pop star to a great philosopher and when he speaks the world listens.

      How he has managed to be interesting in every interview all these years is in itself remarkable and sometimes those interviews gave me even more joy than his music and he always spoke my mind as if he was walking around thinking what I was thinking.

      He's the Kinder egg that keeps on giving.
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    20. Thewlis
      It was dense. But that was the thing at the time, frontmen just standing there supposedly cool and muttering their nonsensical lyrics. A bit like Oasis :)

      Anyway it was still great because the first time I saw the legendary Johnny Marr.

      A couple of years later I saw him again in that same venue, as guitarist for Modest Mouse and he was much more relaxed. We even managed to have a word with him prior to the gig as he just sat there amidst the crowd when the opening act was playing. Great guy.
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