Holy Alternate Mix of Tomorrow, Batman!


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OK, so...I think I've figured this out.

The album version of Tomorrow is only available on Your Arsenal.

The US single version is a radically sharper mix, done by Steve Peck, that includes a longer, clearer piano outtro.

The video version is a third mix; still the same as the Steve Peck version but this one deletes the piano outtro.

The versions on both the 2001 Best Of and the 2011 Very Best Of are the same version: the Steve Peck mix but without the piano.

In closing, the actual US single version (with the longer piano ending) has never been collected on a compilation or released outside of the original limited edition single format...which makes it an out of print rarity.

This interests me because one of the key selling points of the 2011 Very Best Of was the inclusion of the U.S. version Steve Peck remix of Tomorrow...which it didn't actually have; what it had was the video version of that remix which had actually already been out commercially on a pre-existing compilation for ten years.

Maybe get some air, huh?


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Yeah, you're right. Caring about details too much is bad. Got any Zoloft I could borrow, so I can be nice and bland and detached like everyone else?

Hi Skylarker,

For your interest, I have a Sire/Reprise in-house cassette labelled Morrissey - "Tomorrow" Steve Peck Remixes. It contains 3 different versions of the song:

1, Single mix (4:02)
2. Single mix w/louder vocal (4:22)
3. Instumental mix (4:22)

Note the song lengths don't match up with any of the ones listed by Stephane. :crazy:


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I like your theory on why the track lengths may be different than those listed on PJLM, I wouldn't be surprised if you are correct.

Unfortunately I shall not be uploading it anytime soon and it's not because I am some sort of elitist knob who likes to hoard 'rare' recordings. I simply don't have the equipement to convert it to digital plus I am bone idle and can't really be bothered at the moment. However I shall get around to it some day, especially if Stephane is interested for his excellent webpage.

I've posted these photos before, but to proof I'm not simply talking rubbish, here it is again.


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All you need is an old Walkman from a thrift store, a uni-line stereo cord from Radio Shack to run the Walkman to your computer's line-in, and about ten minutes of your time.

And then we'll worship you forever.

Hi Skylarker,

Trust me mate, if there is one thing that I def. won't be doing and that is putting the cassette in some cheap and nasty tape player :squiffy:

I'll ask around and see if anyone has a quality tape player I can borrow that won't chew up the tape.


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However I shall get around to it some day, especially if Stephane is interested for his excellent webpage.

Guess what? Stephane is interested for his excellent webpage!

Forget about song lengths, they can vary from one format to another (a tape may play slower, a vinyl can be played at the wrong pitch, etc). Also the song lengths in the song list on PJLM are the 'official' ones as listed on the sleeve. When taken from a cd they often include extra seconds of silence.They must therefore be taken with a big grain of salt. What counts is that when you listen to them, they are the same as the versions released under the same tag.

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