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  • Hello Dave,
    Thanks for the kind words.............as for the next poster, your Poirot-like notions may be right. The image is culled from an old film magazine, relating to this flick http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061801/
    All the best
    P.S. Apologies for the PM, but I'd rather not venture into the forum.
    Dave, Phill asked me to correct the dates on your tour post, hope you're okay with that. Look forward to meeting you should you come along on Saturday.

    Wendy x

    The His Masters Voice promo that you are selling, is that the one from the Viva Hate promo box with the side view of Morrissey? Thanks.

    i can't drive lol, it's why i work round my end.

    A tip, though, if you're looking for a decent plasterer, don't get one that advertises, when i worked for my uncle's company, everything was recommendation.

    We used to plaster apartments,we'd get a floor, and other firms would get other floors, some plastering, by men in their 40's, when i was 18, was abysmal!

    It's a trcky trade, because there's alot of shit plasterers out there..
    Hello Dave 2006,

    A while back I saw that you very kindly uploaded your vinyl copy of 'Manchester North of England' to Sendspace.com. The link has now expired and I wondered if you might be able to do this again, or help me find a digital copy somehow? You seem to know you stuff. All help gratefully received.
    Thanks Dave,

    That sounds great! By the way, do you have an audio recording of Morrissey's Wireless show? The set was pretty similar to his show in Dublin, which I think was the best Morrissey show I've seen yet...though I've seen a few good ones!

    I'll pick out a few shows for you - give me your address and I'll sort you out..! Any particular artist stand out for you from my list?

    Michael O' Mahony,
    Co. Cork
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