"Frankly Ms. Tennille - Introducing My Aunt to Morrissey" by Caroline St. Clair - Toni Tennille

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By Uncleskinny on Feb 1, 2016 at 8:11 PM
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    1. Anonymous
      Yellow. Smiths. Banjax.
    2. evennow
      I grew up on 70's soft rock. Not ashamed to admit to listening to them and The Carpenters. Good for the niece and it is good to see Tennille again and smiling. I might have started with TQID given its more pop influence.
    3. Uncleskinny
      The Carpenters. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This is the Morrissey/Smiths cover version that never was...

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    4. evennow
      So funny. I just watched a Carpenters documentary where they interviewed that lead guitarist. He was invited to play on this song and originally held back as to be respectful to their soft rock sound but they wanted him to really play to show they were able to rock also (as much as The Carpenters could). It would have made an interesting cover although I wonder what they thought of their music. The lyrics do play into his wheelhouse.
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    5. Anonymous
      I love the Carpenters. Uncle S. I can hardly type these words. You Might Be Right.
    6. markmustb1
      Thanks Uncleskinny
      The best articles posted here in a while
      even I have said "Ok enough" while trying to get through "MIM"
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    7. Jamie
      What this clip doesn't highlight is how fantastically gifted Karen Carpenter was as a drummer. Hal Blaine was brought in to play the bulk of the drums after their first album because A&M - rightly so - wanted to make her the focal point, front and center. But there are numerous clips on YouTube featuring her tasteful drum solos from live shows and TV specials. Well worth searching out.
    8. Detritus
      Absolutely. Carpenter was a hell of a drummer. Expressive and dynamic, while exercising great control and finesse. She made it look so damn easy.

      evennow, The Carpenters might have "rocked" a little harder than you think.

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    9. evennow
      Very true about her drumming. Their musicianship and the overdubbing of their vocal harmonies was nothing less than magical. Sadly it was the decision to bring her from behind the drum kit that started her eventual fall into Anorexia. She intimated to her brother that the record company people began commenting about her weight and asking her to slim down. I think she was never really the same after this.

      People with a weak sense of self/self-esteem can be extremely hurt by such comments and are unable to deal with them emotionally. From that point on she probably always saw herself as overweight, no matter how thin she became. The good news is we have their music forever. Their sound so distinct that after the first few notes you knew it was them.
    10. evennow
      Yeah, you're right. But American radio rarely played their up tempo stuff. I never saw them in concert, which is where I am sure they were able to select songs beyond those heard on the pop music stations of the time.
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    11. Anonymous
      Since no one has mentioned it Toni Tennille plays the groupie on the album version of Pink Floyd The Wall. "Are all these your guitars? This place is bigger than our apartment," etc on the track where Pink smashes the hotel room.

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