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  • "I don't usually eat meat, but when I do, I prefer human beings." I can't believe how this went SKE-WHIFF...right over other readers' heads. I think this is one of his most appallingly anodyne statements in a history of same. It hinders credibility and turns well-meaning moral advocacy into lunacy.

    Sorry I've been silent. Still can't run physically, ratrace laps accruing otherwise, immersing in Miles Davis. Trip to Florida in two weeks time may be the best tonic. BTW, did you ever check out 'Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones Ltd?'
    Thoughts on hearing WPINOYB for the first time in about three months, on a train, drinking a beer: if you replaced Jesse and Solomon with Alain and Gaz, you'd have a pretty cooking band. As is, competent; nothing more.

    Feeling better? What cha fancy talking about now?
    No worries - I just got over a round of Ick mid-last week. Hope you enjoyed the show. I got My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope To The Sky, but haven't had the chance to partake yet. The song ostensibly about Howlin' Wolf, alas, didn't resonate all that much - though I did like the crazy lap steel work. Hope this finds you better on the morrow.
    You can't control lunacy; I wouldn't fret.

    I liked the link, thanks. Chuck D is the man. Latter-day PE (post-2000) confuses me: so many references back to earlier songs. And it's not the same without Terminator X / Hank Shocklee.
    And, in the spirit of pedantry, can someone PLEASE get the newbies to stop referring to "Swords" like it is a studio album and not a compilation? Even so, "Bona Drag" will not be losing any sleep.
    Happy Thanksgiving! Just finished a frigid Turkey Trot and am warming up in the car, listening to Rook. I listened to "My Good Deed" on Youtube yesterday - amazing. Think this is for me.

    JM on the cover of Q - Mozzealots heads will burst....
    And just to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of The Monkees' catalog, try this. Kid you not, this followed "Daydream Believer" on their 5th album. Prepare for cognitive dissonance. Michael Nesmith plays the piano, organ, and guitar as well as sings (and his write).
    Enjoyed the music message - don't worry: I'm looking into Shearwater. I'll have some other feedback, including impressions from yesterday, by end of the weekend. Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving, however you celebrate (or don't).
    N.b. - some glaring omissions from my lists that sprung to mind on the train:

    Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife (sitars, pedal steel, men's choirs, oh my - and, erm, Kylie Minogue).

    Books: Nicholson Baker (particularly the Paul Chowder novels), Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell, The Minotaur Takes a Smoke Break by Stephen Sherrill.

    I could go on....
    So far, volume 2 has been even better - I was also inspired to revisit the Grant Morrison iteration. I used to be an avid comics reader - mainly DC and Marvel heroes - as I was coming up. The only book I've followed consistently (and I use that term rather loosely in the last 10 years) is Hulk. To me, The New 52 was a worse post-Crisis - or maybe I don't fit the target audience anymore.

    That said in the last few years I've taken to reading a fair number of "non-vanilla" collections - our library system shares with around 20 different libraries in the NW Chicago suburbs so it's rare to not get a hold of something. Particular favorites have been Whiteout, WE3, the collected Alan Moore Swamp Thing, and Planetary. A friend of mine said the new Warren Ellis, Trees, was pretty remarkable.
    You inspired me to check it out - excellent story and art. I placed a library hold on volumes 2-4 after I finished.
    The pleasure is mine. It's nice to see someone else using tact, discretion, and logic on our hoary old creche.

    Can I ask where your avatar is sourced from? It looks so familiar, but I can't place it.
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    If you scroll down to the bottom of any page on the right hand side and click on Terms of Service.

    Scroll to Member Conduct. Read this and ask yourself....does the posting of the pedophile link violate these terms?
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