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    Regarding Supreme/Morrissey - Supreme / Facebook

    In July of 2015 Supreme approached Morrissey to participate in one of it's poster and T-Shirt campaigns. The scope of the project was explained in full detail to Morrissey, including the intended look, the setting, the photographer, as well as the items that would be produced: a T-Shirt and a poster. An agreement was entered which named the photographer as Terry Richardson, who has shot many of Supreme's campaigns, and whom Morrissey has worked with before. Images of past campaigns were sent to Morrissey for reference so that the intended result was clear. Morrissey required a substantial fee for his participation in this project which Supreme paid up front and in full. The photo shoot lasted two hours and Morrissey was free to do, and pose as he wished. The agreement prohibits Morrissey from "unreasonably" withholding approval of the use of photographs taken at the photo shoot.

    After offering Morrissey several options of images from the shoot, Morrissey rejected them all with no explanation. Instead, Morrissey insisted on using a photo that he had taken of himself wearing a Supreme T-shirt for the campaign. This image was later made public on Instagram by his nephew.

    Unable to use this image Supreme repeatedly offered Morrissey three very reasonable options as a remedy to the impasse: 1) To do an entire re-shoot at Supreme's sole expense, 2) To select one of the many options from the shoot with Terry Richardson that were offered to Morrissey, 3) To return the money that was paid to Morrissey by Supreme.

    Morrissey repeatedly ignored all three options with no reason given as to why. He then proceeded to assert a sudden and ridiculous claim that because Supreme had used the White Castle logo on a group of products in the past, and because he is a known vegetarian, that the agreement was supposedly terminated.

    In light of this ploy, Supreme once again requested the return of the money it had paid to Morrissey so that both parties could walk away from the project. However, he refused.

    After many attempts to solve this problem, and left with no other viable options, Supreme proceeded to publish these images as per it's agreement with Morrissey.


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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by Detritus, Feb 14, 2016.

    1. evennow
      An agreement was made. He didn't like the outcome. Return the money? Can't wait to read here how he deserves to keep it. The possibilities are mind bending. Wouldn't a reasonable person do at least a cursory search of Supreme's past marketing efforts? Morrissey's ability to attempt to distance himself from bad decisions is Hudini like. Just don't look at the man behind the curtain...The Wizard of Moz.
    2. Anonymous
      i admire that morrissey feels he made a mistake and owns it, but so many of these squalls could be avoided if he had a competent team member to research potential associations.
      he doesn't seem to surround himself with the most skillful of talent.
    3. marred
      Let the onslaught of comments begin!
    4. unloveable
      typical Morrissey
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    5. matchboxboy
      Oh Moz...

      Supreme is such a good match with him, and while I'm sure this is more to do with Terry "Scumbag" Richardson than Supreme (I'm hoping that Morrissey understood that Richardson is a lecherous, deviant idiot and that's why he didn't like the Richardson shots... maybe I'm kidding myself into thinking he still cares), I'm still pissed off that Morrissey can't do anything, even something like this that is nothing but good for him, without turning it into an angry spat between him and the people who signed/hired/paid him.
    6. Anonymous
      LOL you edited but I liked your first post better
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    7. Anonymous
      drama aside, i'd LOVE to be privy to a moz/terry richardson encounter.
    8. Poet
      Of course, you do realize that this is all staged, right?
    9. unloveable
      Lol Yes so silly
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    10. countthree

      It seems so, since the affirmation of Supreme about "sudden and ridiculous claim" is hard to believe. "Sudden"? Meat is murder is not a new statement, it comes from The Smiths. "Ridiculous"? It's an insult to all ethical vegans and vegetarians, who are millions and growing around the world.

      Otherwise, Supreme should admit they didn't research the ideology of the artist they hired to promote its products, and should apologize like Morrissey did. That's ok, but they didn't recognize the mistake.

      In fact, it seems weird that after have taken public knowledge about Morrissey's ideas about meat they published his photo anyway, since they are sponsored by a beef sandwich company. That step shows there is no coherence in the image the company decides to comunicate. They are sending mixed messages to the public, and that's a huge marketing mistake.:squiffy:
    11. Poet
      I'm not quite sure what you're saying. I am saying, from an advertising perspective, there are no mistakes. The public "dispute" is planned for mass exposure. Morrissey enjoys purposely playing the villain. People don't get it and I'm surprised that they don't. Morrissey has been an expert at getting people's attention in a unique way since 1984. He's a genius. Everyone wins here. Supreme gets exposure, Morrissey gets exposure. Supreme gets paid, Morrissey gets paid and laugh at us with our "outrage" all the way to the bank. Bottom line, I wouldn't mind getting a Supreme shirt, I doubt I will, but somebody will and that's the point. Everyone wins and Morrissey's credibility is fully intact AS ALWAYS. By the way, been listening to Ringleaders, Years of Refusal and World Peace and I have to say, these are great fucking albums. I mean, amazing. I am really impressed.
    12. countthree
      Basically, I'm saying the same you are saying :) The alternative I described ("Otherwise...") seems a big mistake coming from Supreme. It's hard to believe and improbable, but not impossible. Everything is possible.
    13. Anonymous
      he terminated the agreement on his own. hes bigger than the supreme court.
      LOL. five fingering the fee.
      if supreme is tainted then so is supreme cash. give it back moz. ffs.
    14. Anonymous
      moz made it rain at the 5 star luxury hotel lobby with the supreme money.
      itll be a cold day in jakarta before supreme ever sees a dime of their money.
    15. evennow
      I think you may be right here. A cash grab and then oh s**t they promote meat. Pull up steaks and run. Just make sure the cash doesn't fly out of my pocket. He won't take the job but he will keep their money...please. Only KS could explain this away. I wonder if he holds the value of a dollar in the same way as he holds the value of the life of animals. If I could GIF right now it would be True Colors.
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    16. MozRecording
      Why am I not surprised that scumbag Terry Richardson is involved in this.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Wonder if all of his nephews photoshops were actually ad ideas they sent to Supreme.
    17. Anonymous
      You're assuming they care and that any attention isn't good attention at
    18. Anonymous
    19. Anonymous
      I'd hope Moz isn't THAT batshit crazy, but if so, it would be the only time I'd consider Terry Richardson an upgrade. ;)

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