TTY: Supreme - statement by Morrissey

UPDATE Feb. 15:

TTY: Supreme, yet not; Morrissey's second statement on Supreme - Feb. 15, 2016


Supreme responds to TTY statement by Morrissey - Feb. 13, 2016

13 February 2016

I apologize enormously for the enfeebled photograph of me issued this week by Supreme. The shot was taken in October 2015. I considered the photograph to be fit only for a medical encyclopedia and I pleaded with Supreme not to use it. This was before I learned that Supreme were sponsored in part by the beef sandwich pharaoh known as White Castle. Supreme were issued with a legal caution not to use the photograph and their fee would be returned. Evidently Supreme have ignored my lawyer. No safety within the corridors of law. Ugh.

I offer excessive apologies for this association. Shame is indeed the name.

13 February 2016.

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It's nothing new and I wouldn't call it that. He used to tie his necklaces on belt hoops back in the Smiths days.


I wouldn't call it that either!!! Most inappropriate. Gosh he really is a trailblazer fashionwise, huh? Karl better start taking notes from a true primadonna. He just pales in comparison, especially with Moz's new Sk8er Boi t-shirt campaign and all. :laughing:
That's hot!

Bet Moz dresses up like that crotch beeyotch every chance he gets! She's extra hot with the herpes too. Maybe you can apply some lotion to her sores, CL. Have to lure her away from her Jewish/Aussie billionaire Swiss resident boyfriend first though :/
Would YOU speak to anybody who ordered frogs' legs? If so, you have low standards. Perhaps you are like that creep Andi Dorfman who invites her date (who hates to prepare his own food) to purchase some dead frogs' legs to cook and when she eats them she says, "Let's go out for steak!" She is a nasty piece of work.



Any ad campaign would boost his reputation, but he won't be associated with anything that has a blood on a butcher's knife. This is a man who would break up a relationship with a human over a slimy frog. Do you remember the snippet from his autobiography how he never spoke to someone again after ordering a plate of frog legs? It is a recipe on how to live a meat-free life....alone.

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