An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

You can get it, and all the songs from Perfect Square, from Soulseek. Also, I think the version of Country Feedback you are looking for is the same one featured on Disc Two of the 'deluxe' edition of "In Time - The Best of REM".

Yep, that's the one. And what a performance it is!

I'm about to upload the b-sides to the Tongue single, three live trax from SNL in 1995.
And could somebody please repost their cover of First We Take Manhattan?
I can post/ email the Country Feedback for INTIME disc 2, if wanted?

Can someone post the following:

1) the latest track from the Starbuck disc, KCRW mix, I think it's a Glen Cambell cover?
2) a good version of I'm Gonna DJ?
3) Yellow River (the whole single, I think it's on the Reno single)
Here's a very interesting one I just found:

Steve Wynn-Natalie Merchant-REM - Live at McCabe's 1987.May.24

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01.Steve Wynn – Merritville / 02.Steve Wynn – Drinking Problem / 03.Steve Wynn – One More Cup of Coffee / 04.Steve Wynn – Days of Wine & Roses
05.Natalie Merchant – Don’t Talk
06.Natalie Merchant & Jenny Holmer & Michael Stipe – Hello Stranger
07.REM – The One I Love / 08.REM – Welcome to the Occupation / 09.REM – Disturbance at the Heron House / 10.REM – Finest Worksong / 11.REM – Maps & Legends
12.Michael Stipe – Harpers / 13.Michael Stipe & Natalie Merchant – Damaged Goods / 14.Natalie Merchant & REM – Leaving on a Jet Plane/Sunday Morning
15.Steve Wynn – 50 in a 25 Zone / 16.Steve Wynn – How Can You Mend a Broken Heart / 17.Steve Wynn – Killing Time / 18.Steve Wynn – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean / 19.Steve Wynn – Stage Fright / 20.Steve Wynn & Kendra Smith – Too Little, Too Late / 21.Natalie Merchant – Campfire Song

Seems to be from "TMOQ" boot.

Here are the '89 live tracks from "Losing My Religion" CDS collectors edition:
2.Stand (Live ’89) / 3.Turn You Inside-Out (Live’89) / 4.World Leader Pretend (Live’89)
Together in one zip at:


Also a request: anybody the "Shiney Happy People CDS Coll.Ed." with live'89 (I Remember California / Get Up / Pop Song '89), and could upload somewhere. Would very much appreciate this one!!
Let's keep this going, I will get my shit together this weekend and chime in. Can someone post the latest track from the band, the one from the Starbucks compilation, it's a cover of a Glen Cambell song?
REM – live 20031025 Oslo (FM broadcast only , @192)
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Tracklisting acc.timeline: 00.Intro / 05.Drive / 06.Animal / 08.Electrolite / 09.Bad Day / 10.The One I Love / 11.I've Been High / 12.Losing My Religion / 13.Find The River / 14.She Just Want To Be / 15.Walk Unafraid / 16.Man On The Moon
Also review at timeline:

Uploaded For Your Pleasures in one zip at sendspace :

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