An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

I know this is a lot, but I JUST discovered this awesome thread!! All of those links no longer work! Would it be possible for them to be uploaded again?? I will be forever grateful!! :) THANKS

REVEALING DEMOS 2000/2001 Part1
Free Form Jazz aka Free From Jazz Jam (short excerpt/interlude pulled from Reveal Album)
Reno (all the way to reno)
All I Want (another "beat a drum" demo)
Fascinating (rejected from Reveal and it's b-sides the track found itself placed a mega rare soundtrack/compilation)
Imitation of life
She just wants to be
I've Been High (fraid i dont know which demo this is either version 1 or 2)

Fascinating (Sounds For Visual Thinkers Sundance Edition 2002 compilation)

THE MIXES 2003 taken from THE FOUR WAY SAMPLER SEM43 (bootleg versions of songs some of which maybe real edits from demo's. any info would be nice)
1.The Passenger (live 98, thank you iggy pop) -live jools holland show, remastered version of teh b-side, also edited-
2.Reno, all the way to (edit)
3.ill take the rain (edit)
4.n.wild heaven (drum mix) -simple remaster of the drums with the infamouse presence of echo towards the song-
5.lifting (no-one in the airport) -echo filtered version of the song, which gives away its authenticity-
6.E-Bow (7") -edit-
7.Imatation of life (03' remix) -another give away to the bootleg-
8.sidewinder (alone in a hotel mix) -echo filtered bootleg mix-
9.Texakarna (shine on sound-a-like) -this is actually referred to shine on the song by english band house of love, weird title with this slightly different equalized version...again with echo-
10.Leave (7") -edit-
-ripped from cdvideo- Leaving New York (Live 29/1/04)
Here are the tracks not featured on the above OUT OF TIME DEMO'S taken from the boot: TIME OF OUTTAKES.
Recorded Bearsville Studios New York Winter 1990
Sugar Cane (later re-worked as a UP B-side Track)
Speed Metal (aka Thrash Metal Song)
Here I Am Again (Kerouac No.4) (later re-recorded without lyrics for a Automatic for the people b-side track)
Party of 5 Taping
The Palace, Los Angeles, CA
February 17th, 1999

Country Feedback
Walk Unafraid
Losing My Religion
The Apologist
It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
I'm Not Over You
Man On The Moon

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here's the link:

any soundboard REM gigs REMFAN? :) looking for monster tour soundboards

Thanks for the demos! I have a few Monster Bootlegs, I'm not sure if they're soundboard? I think they were recorded from FM Radio broadcasts? If you wanna know more about them (Title, date, etc) let me know. They sound pretty decent, I think. I also have the ripped audio from the Road Movie DVD, if you're interested?

Would you happen to have the Green Demos? I believe that's about all I'm missing.
radio fm bcasts are fine by me, would love to know the dates/tracklists. ive got road movie audio thanks for the offer though.
yeah ive got green demo's & even document demo's if anyone wants them uploading.
do you want the other tracks upping which you requested? will dig them out if so

Ya, I'll take all the demos you have, thanks! Here's the info on the Monster Bootlegs I have.

"Aneurysm '95"
KTS 447/448

Recorded: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA 5/15/95
Quality: Excellent Audience Recording
Format: 2CD
Released: 1995
Time: 55:55 & 59:00
Notes: First night of the 2nd leg of the R.E.M. "World Tour"

What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/Circus Envy/Crush With Eyeliner/Drive/Me In Honey/Try Not To Breathe/I Don't Sleep, I Dream/Strange Currencies/Revolution/ Tongue/Man On The Moon/Country Feedback/(CD2) Monty Got A Raw Deal/Losing My Religion/So. Central Rain/Star Me Kitten/I Took Your Name/Departure/Star 69/ Get Up/Let Me In/Everybody Hurts/Pop Song '89/Bang And Blame/ITEOTWAWKI.


"The Megatour"
Chrome - Ch016/107

Recorded: Brisbane 1/22/95 (24 Cuts), 40 Watt Club 11/19/92 (Last 8 Cuts)
Format: 2CD
Notes: One collector comments that this may not be from the Brisbane show: "I think the bootleg called "the Megatour" is mislabeled as Brisbane 1/22/95. I think it is acutally a re-sequenced version of 1/16/95 Adelaide. While i don't have my copy of the Megatour anymore, i remember doing track comparisons when it first came out to "sweet adelaide", and they were identical... Another thing is, the Megatour is missing 5 songs from the tape boot of 1/22: Turn You inside out / pop song 89 / monty got a raw deal / begin the begin / Star me kitten.....while it contains 3 songs not played on 1/22: drive / country feedback / heron house. All 3 of these were played in Adelaide. "

(Disc One) Circus Envy/Crush With Eyeliner/You/Me in Honey/King of Comedy/ I Don't Sleep I Dream/Revolution/Drive/Try Not To Breathe/Tongue/Man On The Moon/Half a World Away/Losing My Religion/Get Up/Star 69/(Disc two) Country Feedback/Disturbance at the Heron House/I Took Your Name/Finest Worksong/Let Me In/Everybody Hurts/Bang and Blame/What's the Frequency/It's the End of the World As We Know It/Drive/Monty Got a Raw Deal/Everybody Hurts/ Man on the Moon/Losing My Religion/Country Feedback/Begin the Begin/Finest Worksong.


"Monster Radio '95"
Prima Donna - PD 075/076

Recorded: Milton Keynes - 7/30/95 + 10 Early Tracks
Format: 2CD
Quality: Above Average
Notes: Censored

Disc 1: What's the Frequency, Kenneth?/Crush with Eyeliner/Drive/Turn You Inside Out/Try Not to Breathe/I Took Your Name/Undertow/Bang and Blame/I Don't Sleep, I Dream/Strange Currencies/Revolution/Tongue/Man on the Moon/Country Feedback/Half A World Away/Losing My Religion
Disc 2: Pop Song '89/Finest Worksong/Get Up/Star 69/Let Me In/Everybody Hurts/Fall on Me/Departure/ITEOTWAWKI(AIFF)//West of the Fields/(Don't Go Back to) Rockville/Auctioneer/S. Central Rain/Sitting Still/Driver 8/9-9/Windout/Pretty Persuasion/Radio Free Europe


Big Music (BIG 102/03)

Recorded: Forum di Assago, Milan, Italy, 2/25/95
Quality: very good
Format: 2CD
Notes: Picture Disc

What's The Frequency, Kenneth/Crush With Eyeliner/Turn You Inside Out/Circus Envy/Finest Worksong/Try Not To Breathe/ You/Me In Honey/I Took Your Name/Revolution/I Don't Sleep, I Dream/So. Central Rain/Tongue/Half A World Away/Country Feedback/Man On The Moon/Departure/Losing My Religion/Get Up/Star 69/Let Me In/Everybody Hurts/Bang And Blame/Wicked Game/ITEOTWAWKI.


"Sweet Adelaide"
Slick-O (1A/B)

Recorded: January 16, 1995 Adelaide Entertainment Center, Adelaide Australia
Quality: Very Good (a rather dull, if clear, DAT audience recording)
Format: 2CD
Notes: ?

(1) What's the Frequency, Kenneth?/Circus Envy/Crush With Eyeliner/ Drive/King of Comedy/Me in Honey/Disturbance at the Heron House/ Try Not To Breathe/Revolution/I Don't Sleep, I Dream/Tongue/Man on the Moon/Half A World Away/Country Feedback (2) Losing My Religion/You/Orange Crush/Star 69/Get Up/Let Me In/ Everybody Hurts/I Took Your Name/Bang and Blame/Finest Worksong


Let me know if any of those intrest you. That oughta keep me busy most, if not all of next week! :p
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Aw soundofthenorth, where's the link for the rest of the 'Green' demo's?
Thanks very much for sharing.

Are you all members? The site looks a little different now than I remember.
also looking for these if anyone can help, i have plenty of goodies available to upload please let me know:

+The Eleventh Untitled Song (Instrumental) -Stand BSide-
If you're referring to the one thats on Green, I have it. Unless there's another version I'm not aware of?

+Acoustic b-sides HALF THE WORLD AWAY Acoustic+Radio Song Acoustic Losing My..B-Sides aka Out of time era acoustic b-sides released
I have these from MTV Unplugged, and Mountain Stage. Let me know if you want them, need more info, etc.

+Tongue (live in Detroit June 7, 1995) tongue US b-side
+Crush with Eyeliner (live in Detroit)
I believe I have these on a Promo CD entitled "Songs That Are Live" I meant to put it in my last post!

+Not Bad For No Tour promo all songs (£100 on ebay...crazy)
I have it. I can try to send the enhancement videos too

+Bang And Blame (official Edit)
I have a Bang & Blame single, I'm not sure if it has the edit, but it has the instrumental, if you're interested?

+A joyful noise live tracks only (another promo which i have never seen on sale before)
+Perfect Circle (live Later) / Suspicion (live Later) from suspicion single
+Let Me In (live) / Find The River (live) / Find The River (Rehearsal Video) from 2001 Fanclub release.
+Country Feedback (live) / It's The End Of The World As We Know It (live) both live Sept 14, 2003 at Red Rocks from 2003 Fanclub single.
+2004 fanclub single? 2005 fanclub? 2006 single fanclub?
+Get Up / World Leader Pretend / It's The End of the World As We Know It
(And I Feel Fine) from TOURFILM promo cd release (actually from the DVD audio rip)

I have those *

+Favourite Writer (with Linda Hopper? Live any date)
I only have a studio version of this on the Bad Day single (Stipe only). Do you have that already? I also have the original by Magnapop, which was included on an UNCUT Magazine comp. CD put together by Michael.

Many thanks for the demos! I'll track down those Monster bootlegs for you. Do you only want the songs you listed in your previous post? Obviously, that'll take a lot less time to upload, than the whole thing. But whatever you want, is fine with me! :)

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Thanks for the links again.

I haven't listened to much of their stuff from recent years. I love their old classic stuff, I'm under the impression from what I've read on the net that their newer stuff is not up to par. Monster was a grower for me.

Any thoughts or recommendations anyone?
r.e.m. rem
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