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Wow, you beat me to it. I was going to post links of all 5 nights of rehearsls, but that best of is much better! It sounds A LOT better than the one I had. How great is that version of I've Been High?! I LOVE it! :D Thanks Again!


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Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Even the PO5 recording, while not perfect, is still very listenable. I'll be starting on the Not Bad For No Tour promo next. I'm still deciding how I wanna do the videos. I just figured out how to put them on DVD, so if that would be easier than youtube, let me know! You shouldnt have much trouble ripping the audio from it. Thanks again for all you've shared. :)


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+Perfect Circle (live Later) / Suspicion (live Later) from suspicion single
+21 May 2001 - MTV Unplugged, MTV Studios, New York, NY complete unedited should be able to fill 2cds
I'm not positive, but I know I had The Complete recordings for Unplugged 2001 at one time. I need to look and see if I still have it on CD. I believe I have a Bootleg of the BBC 'Later' show, at least most of it. i don't see PC on it, but if you'd be interested? According to the Suspicion singles I have, the Japanese 3' inch CD has the Jools Holland version of PC, and A different version of Suspicion (Live @ Ealing Studios) Also, the 3 inch Lotus single has yet ANOTHER Live in studio version of Suspicion. Would you be interested in any of those?
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Hi there, I'm new to these forums,

I've started a bit of REM trading with the user 'REMFan' here and thought I may as well share some of those rarities I have to offer with anyone else interested. If what I've put up on this first post doesn't interest you, I do have plenty more stuff to come and will gladly trade with anybody who can help me find other REM rarities I'm looking for.

This first .zip is of 8 'Misc. rarities' as requested, has the following tracklist:

"Misc. rarities" = 23MB

01. 'Cowbell Song' (v. short instrumental clip of an unreleased demo from 'Up', audio extracted from 'This Way Up' documentary)
02. Final Straw (Rough Mix 2003) (early version released on in March 2003 in protest to the invasion of Iraq)
03. 'Interim Medley' (1986 instrumental demo from Lifes Rich Pageant sessions)
04. Jazz Lips (early Chronic Town demo recorded 4/10/81 at Reflection Studios, NC)
05. March (instrumental, early demo version of King of Birds c. 1986)
06. Pretty Persuasion (live, 7/10/03, Clinton Studios, NYC - B-side to Animal single)
07. Try Not to Breathe (early mix) (seemingly an unfinished mix, sounding slightly different to final AFTP version)
08. Weatherman (live, 15/12/02, Vancouver, BC) (awful quality, but the only known recording of this then-new song never to have been played since)

I apologise for the messy tracklist ordering, but you should find the files clearly named so you can rearrange them into some sort of order if you wish after.

Hope you enjoy this. As I say, there is plenty more to come and plenty more still. Don't hesitate to get in contact if there's something specific you want to trade (REM-wise). I've had a look over this forum already and I'll see if I can help out with any requests already made.

Well, I look forward to hopefully swapping some forgotten gems!
Bye now!


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hey boomers86
ive got a tonne of goodies. there's lots of stuff i didnt have from that misc. thanks. if you want my list of rem stuff then let me know & i can send you it if you want a trade. hope youve found some goodies on the thread
That sounds good, if you can enable your PM, or post an email you don't mind giving out I can send you a list? I have a list of both stuff I have and stuff I want. It's in Microsoft Excel 2003 format, is that ok? I do have a .txt format too, although it's a little messier/out-of-date... and yes, I have got a few goodies already thanks to yourself and others! great stuff!

This is another .zip that's been requested, a classic bootleg of early demos 'Stab It & Steer It':

'Stab It & Steer It' = 80MB

01. That Beat[1]
02. Pretty Persuasion[1]
03. All the Right Friends[1]*
04. Tighten Up[1]*
05. There She Goes Again[1]*
06. Moon River[1]*
07. Theme from Two Steps Onward[2]
08. When I Was Young (early I Believe)[3]
09. PSA (Bad Day) (demo)[4]
10. The Lion Sleeps Tonight[5]
11. Skank[5]
12. Walter's Theme/Walter BBQ Ad[5]
13. Cushy Tush[5]
14. Gardening at Night (acoustic version)[1]*
15. Mystery to Me (1983 demo)[1]
16. Gardening at Night (slower electric demo)[1]**
17. Tainted Obligation (Community Trolls with Michael Stipe)

[1] = Recorded Reflection Studios, Charlotte, NC, Jan. 1983
[2] = Recorded live, Stock Pavilion, Madison, WI, 10/05/85
[3] = Recorded live, Brown University, Providence, RI, 27/04/85
[4] = Recorded John Keane Studios, Athens, GA, c. early 1986
[5] = Recorded Rhythmic Studios, San Francisco, CA, 9/11/83

*were all later mixed, mastered and officially released on various I.R.S. releases/reissues

**was also later mixed and remastered and included on the 'And I Feel Fine' 2nd CD compilation in 2006.

Enjoy people:)
thanx for all this REM stuff, I kind of forgot how good they are:)


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+Acoustic b-sides HALF THE WORLD AWAY Acoustic+Radio Song Acoustic Losing My..B-Sides aka Out of time era acoustic b-sides released
+Shiny Happy People (Pop Mix)

+Bang And Blame (official Edit)

+Let Me In (live)
+Country Feedback (live) / It's The End Of The World As We Know It (live) from 2003 Fanclub single.
+2004 fanclub single,2005 fanclub (DVD may be hard to copy),2006 single fanclub

+jesus- i dont think stipe plays guitar on version i have but it is acapella
+Love is all around (19 November 1992 - not soundboard but still good
+candy everybody wants (with 10000 maniacs 20 January 1993 - MTV)
+Me In Honey - have a good vid from RockamRing, dunno if i can extract it or not, not massively computer savvy, will try, or try upload whole show?
+Try Not To Breathe (from Milton Keynes 30-07-95? soundboard)
+Leave (from same show/vid as Me In Honey, so will try)
+Superman [Mike Mills on lead vocal] (live 2005)
+Man on the moon (chris martin with rem live london oxfam gig, thrills supported with peter buck guesting on one of there tracks) - have whole show
+11 November 2001 - Dingwalls, London, UK - have a couple of tracks only
+2004 stipe guests on bruce springsteen tracks... have 'Because the Night' duet/cover if you like?
I have those (a few I'm unsure of/may've been lost) but I'll get on the case, may take some time.

I'll also update my full trade list and email it to that address soon.

Meanwhile here is my pretty huge list of stuff I'm looking for:
The ones with ** means I should hopefully get these soon via other trades I've setup.
You'll probably gather i'm mainly looking for official/demo stuff..
Generally speaking I've listed, in chronological order(ish),b-sides/official stuff, then demos/outtakes after.hope it's clear enough:

Athens garage rehearsals, 1980
I.R.S. demos, 1981
CHRONIC TOWN early outakes/demos/rough mixes
...all available on Chronic Murmurings/Early Movements)

Catapult demo
Laughing demo
Romance demo
Shaking Through demo

9-9 (live mono with fade-out, 20/04/84, Paris)
Gardening at Night (live mono with fade-out, 20/04/84, Paris)
Rockville (Mills solo) demo
Batman Theme demo
Elliot Mazer sessions:
That Beat
Burning Down
All the Rig ht Friends
Femme Fatale
Burning Hell
All the Right Friends (2)
So. Central Rain
Letter Never Sent
Ages of You

When I Was Young (studio version)

Finest Worksong (media version)
Can I be Happy with You

The Eleventh Untitled Song (Instrumental)
Get Up (live 30/04/89, Orlando)** untitled promo
Orange Crush (live 30/04/89, Orlando)** untitled promo
Turn You Inside-Out (live 30/04/89, Orlando)** untitled promo
Get Up (live from Tourfilm, '89) Music from Tourfilm promo
World Leader Pretend (live from Tourfilm, '89) Music from Tourfilm promo (apparently both exactly same as OOT b-sdies)
It's the End of the World as We Know It (live from Tourfilm, '89)Music from Tourfilm promo**

Shiny Happy People (Dance to the Music Mix)
Shiny Happy People (Hip Mix)
Pop Song '89 (live acoustic, 15/03/91, The Borderline, London)
Radio Song (Tower of Luv Bug Mix)**
Shiny Happy People (Music Mix)**
Radio Song (Monster Mix)**
Slow Sad Rock
Kerouac No. 4 (I have Here I am Again, maybe same song?)
Chinese Soundcheck
42nd Street Song demo

Drive (Primary Mix)**
Drive (Secondary Mix)**
Hey Love / Fuck Me Kitten (Star Me Kitten)
Passion / Try Not to Breathe
Howler Monkey (Ignoreland)
Big Talk
6/8 Sailor
Mike's Organ Song
Bill's Acoustic Song
Peter's New Song
Michale's Organ
10K Minimal
C to D Slide (Man on the Moon)
The Devil Rides Backward on a Horse Called Maybe
(Untitled Instrumental)

Bang and Blame (K version - instrumental)**
Crush with Eyeliner (Instrumental)
Strange Currencies (Instrumental)
Tongue (Instrumental)
Lucky Piece
Pattern Shirt
Swamp (low Desert)
Experiments in Terror
Yes, I am Fucking With You (King of Comedy)

King of Comedy (808 State Remix - Instrumental)

At My Most Beautiful (live, 25/10/98 Radio 1 Session)**
Suspicion (live from Ealing Studios, London, 28/10/98)**
Electrolite (live, BBC Later w/ Jools Holland, 27/10/98)**
Man on the Moon (live, BBC Later w/ Jools Holland, 27/10/98)**
Perfect Circle (live, BBC Later w/ Jools Holland, 27/10/98)**
Lotus Toast Sessions, Apr. 98
Hope Toast Sessions, Apr. 98
Why Not Smile Toast Sessions, Apr. 98
Daysleeper Toast Sessions, Apr. 98
Parakeet Toast Sessions, Apr. 98
Pounce Pony (Falls to Climb) (Mandolin version) Toast Sessions, Apr. 98
Xylophone Song (live)

MAN ON THE MOON soundtrack
Man on the Moon (Orchestral)**

Imitation of Life (live 29/04/01, Trafalgar Square)**
I've Been High (live video 31/05/01 Sydney Channel V Studios)**


Sea Shanty (Summer Turns to High)
She Just Wants to Be early demo
Pedal Steel (I'll Take the Rain)
Underwater Acoustic (Disappear)
Fake Trumpets Chorus (Imitation of Life)
42 Chord Song (Imitation of Life)
Funky Electric (Take Seven)
Come and Join Us
Glockenspiel (All the Way to Reno)
Tabla Demo (The Lifting)
I've Been High early demo

Introduction by Michael Moore
All the Way to Reno (video)
Imitation of Life (live video) Cologne
Losing My Religion (live video) London
Find the River (live video) New York City
I've Been High (live video) Sydney
The Lifting (live video) Toronto

IN TIME, single B-sides
Welcome to the Occupation (live 7/10/03 New York)
So. Central Rain (live 9/09/03, Los Angeles)

Disc 1, tracks 1-18: interviews, 7 studio tracks and audio liners
Disc 1, tracks 19-28: isolated quotes for radio programmers

You are the Everything (live soundcheck 10/10/03 Raleigh, NC, USA)**
High Speed Train (live in studio '04)**
What's the Frequency, Kenneth? (live 23/10/04 Atlanta, GA, USA)**
Sweetness Follows (live 27/10/04 Cincinnati, OH, USA)**
Leaving New York (live video 29/01/05 Helsinki, Finland)**
Bad Day (live video 28/05/05 Zaragoza, Spain)
Wanderlust (live 14/10/04 Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
Over the Atlantic
Around the Sun demo
Make It All Okay demo
From a Train demo
Animal demo
I'm Gonna DJ demo
I Wanted to Be Wrong demo
Magnetic North
Mike's acbgd
On the Fly
Electron Blue demo
Boy in the Well demo

-Live In Concert (all songs) Live in Concert: (rare 'Westwood' One radio, 2-LP radio show incl. live tracks form Miami and Orlando 29/04/89 and 30/04/89 (1990)
-Gardening at Night (live to two-track, exclusive to promo) ?? The Alternative Radio Sampler (promo 1992)
-Drive (live, 19/11/92, Athens) Alternative NRG (1994) - Drive was played twice, don't know if this is same version as one on In Time disc 2
-WTFK? / I Took Your Name / Crush with Eyeliner (1 minute medley mix) The September 1994 Guide (1994)
-Pretty Persuasion (live 21/11/84, Nottingham, England) On the Edge (a Westwood One CD radio show feat. Interviews, tracks and 2 live tracks from a 1984 concert for the BBC (1994)
-Radio Free Europe (live 21/11/84, Nottingham, England) same as above
-Half a World Away (live MTV Unplugged 10/04/91, NYC) MTV Unplugged Collection Volume 1 (1994)
- (Michael discusses Sweet Relief, Vic Chesnutt and the musician community: 1:09) Sweet Relief II: The Songs of Vic Chesnutt (1996)
-Bittersweet Me (Memphis soundcheck) 7/11/95 The '97 Brit Awards (1997)
-Crush with Eyeliner (live)** Live on Letterman: Music from The Late Show (1997)
-Radio Free Europe (live 7/07/84, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL) ONXRT: Live From the Archives, Vol. 4 (1998)
-Losing My Religion (live) ?? Saturday Night Live: 25 Years, Vol. 2 (1999)
-Walk Unafraid (live) ?? 99X: Live X 6 (benefiting Georgia Litigation Fund and Georgia Equality Project) (2000)
-Imitation of Life (live)
-The Great Beyond (live)
-All the Way to Reno (live)
-She Just Wants to Be (live)
-I'll Take the Rain (live)
-Losing My Religion (live)... All from 'REM live for 99X'
-All the Way to Reno (live, exclusive) ?? KTHX's Live From The X-Ville City Limits Vol.3 (2001)
-Imitation of Life (live, 18/05/01, Museum of TV and Radio, NYC) Y100 Sonic Sessions 5 (2001)
-Losing My Religion (live) The Very Best of MTV Unplugged (2002)
-Imitation of Life (live 2001) The Very Best of MTV Unplugged 2 (2003)
-The Lifting (live, 18/05/01, Museum of TV and Radio, NYC) Oxfam's The Big Noise (Sudan) (2003)
-Maps and Legends (live)**
-Tongue (live)**
-So. Central Rain (live)
-Imitation of Life (live)** ... all Vancouver Rehearsal Tapes, May 10 2003 - iTunes (can't get because only available on iTunes U.S.) (2003)
-It's the End of the World as We Know It (live 1991) The Very Best of MTV Unplugged 3 (2004)
-Drive (live ??) For the Lady (Aung San Suu Kyi) (2004)
-(entire album)- iTunes Originals (2004)
-The One I Love (live Bridge School Benefit 2001)
-Everybody Hurts (live Bridge School Benefit 2001)
-I've Been High (live Bridge School Benefit 2001)
-Losing My Religion (live Bridge School Benefit 2001) ...all The Bridge Collection (2006)

Find the River (live audio track) 2001
Find the River (live video, rehearsal in Athens studio) 2001
Michael reads selected works of Martin Luther King Jr. 2002

Early Movements
Chronic Murmurings
Poets of the Wheat**
It's the End of the World …As We Know It!!!

Thanks for looking (esp. if you got this far!)
r.e.m. rem
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