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  • Hi, sorry for adding to the wall of requests that your profile's turning into, but I'd be very grateful to know if you still have the Tony Hoffer-produced Suede session tracks for 'A New Morning' listed in the compilation "Suede’s Not Dead Bonus Unreleased and Rare Demos Disc 4", which you once posted a now-long-defunct link to.
    i've just seen your post regarding your decision to sell out your R.E.M. collection. I probabbly would be interested in buying something. Where can i see a list?
    Thanks in advance

    Hello, I have just seen your post about The Charlatans brides boxset
    Would it possible to reupload the lins or to send them to my email : [email protected]
    That would be so nice of you !
    Thank you!
    All the best

    I came here hoping for the same: the Charlatans box set you compiled in 2010 looks AMAZING! Is there any chance you could re-post it with Mediafire links or some other file server that does not delete links? I am crossing my fingers very firmly! :hearteyes: rdfield -AT- rocketmail -DOT- com
    Hello to you. I'm Julio from Argentina and I'm interested in the Cancer Trust Concert 2007 where McAlmont & Butler performed Yes, Last night I dreamt and Still. Could you upload again or send it to my mail [email protected] via we transfer. I´m fan of Mancunian Music and have a lot of Gems (bootlegs & rarities). If you want we can exchange some stuff. Please let me know. Cheers.
    I was looking for some rarities from Teenage Fanclub (the grand prix UK 7 inch bonus, the Peel sessions from 1991,etc.). I saw you've got a ultimate collection for this band (9 CD Oo). Do you still have it. Is it possible to reup it or send it ?
    [email protected]
    Hi, can you reupload the files for the Primal Scream collection 'Primal Sides'? It looks lovely and I missed out :(
    Thank you!
    sorry i dont have it in FLAC. please note this was ripped from the ECD section of the cd. meaning its maximum sound would probably only be 256k anyway. hope this helps
    Any chance you could share this track in FLAC?

    1.Bad Day (Live Feria De Muestras, Car Parking, Zaragoza, Spain, EU 28/5/05 Wanderlust Video Rip ECD B-Side) 3:54

    Saw it on a forever old post. Any help would be appreciated. It was a recent request.

    hi there-
    i saw that you had put together a super amazing suede boxset a year ago, but now the links are all dead. would that be possible that you reload the files somewhere else? million thanks!!! greatly appreciate your effort
    Hi, I was just trying to find the date and venue information for "A Long Night with.." James 2 CD I have and hit the messages from 2006 on this board. I am not sure where I downloaded these at the first place but I'm pretty sure the original source is you. Do you have any idea where this 2 CD recording come from? Any date, venue info you may have. I have quickly checked the oneofthethree web site for gigs from 2000-2001 but the setlist does not match with any. Could this be from an earlier or later year? Anyway, appreciate if you can send any info you have. Thanks for all the links at 4shared, I am downloading a few more that I think I don't have. Cheers
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