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  • well, youre doing so much already. How do you find the time?:D I think the broadcasting is what scared me. when I found out that I would have to be filmed, I ran lol It is good fun though and I enjoy writing anyways. But if you got the talent, like you do, go for it! Youre heading in the right direction :)
    Oh, thanks for the offer, that is really nice of you. I will definitely come to you with any questions :D
    You're a pro! So, you not only do college stuff but high school as well? Thats really cool. I should have come to you for help lol This was the first time ive ever written an article. I actually ended up writing 3 articles. Im going to try and contribute to the school paper next semester. Maybe ill get published a second time :)
    The article was a local travel piece about the Missions here in Texas.

    You are one cool dude! :D The music show is going to be awesome, especially since you have good taste in music ;) Make sure you play Depeche Mode too :D When does the show start?
    Wow you are busy! Whats the music show going to be like? Are you going to play lots of Moz and Smiths? lol Sometimes I wish I would have stayed in Journalism. Actually this past semester was fun because I had a journalism class. I had an article published in our school newspaper. It was exciting since I have never had anything published :D
    Hey Warrie!

    (Hope this works lol) But if it doesnt I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas)
    How Have you been?
    Ive been doing good. Just enjoying my time off :)
    I understand. These kinds of situations are so confusing. This is why I have a hard time trusting people. When you think you know someone they turn around and hurt you in some way. Ive had my heart broken one time and thats all it took to ruin things for me. Its been 7 years im still not completely healed.
    ....I hope things work out for the best :)
    Yeah I haven't talked to her in a few days. I'm trying to give her time. Kinda hard tho. But o well. I have no choice but to deal with it.
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