New Order (and JD) Thread - Because Barney and his legendary white shorts deserve nothing less


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Anyway, now that I have your attention, you can post about NO/JD here if you like
They are playing with Blossoms. Will they form a NO cover band with Rick Astley? Only time will tell.


And Darker Waves Fest

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Looking forward to seeing them at the O2 this Friday night, got the National first though at Alexander Palace tomorrow night!

Always loved the f*** out of this b-side.

I love that Baywatch video, Hooky is really into it. I'd never imagined The Hoff and NO in the same video, but there you have it. :lbf:
moody wanker hitting things lmao
Met New Order backstage in 2012 and Hooky after one of his first The Light gigs in... 2010? All really easy folks to talk to, especially with some beers.
f***ing crazy that at 67 Bernard and co are still pulling crowds like this. They are absolutely superb tonight at the O2

Ooooh, 4 disc reissue of Substance coming:

Brand new deluxe edition of the classic 1987 compilation originally released via the legendary Factory Records.

4CD version includes the original album remastered across 2CDs, with a third disc of tracks that were released exclusively on the cassette album. The final disc features 'Substance Live' – an unreleased concert from Irvine Meadows, California 1987.

Substance compiles all of the band's singles to that point in their 12” versions with their respective B-sides, plus the non-album single True Faith and B-side '1963' with new versions of 'Temptation' and 'Confusion'.

The album is the band's biggest selling to date, with over one million copies sold, going platinum in the US with a Top 5 hit in True Faith which was accompanied with the seminal video, directed by French choreographer Philippe Decouflé.
Wow, they did Close Range in the Netherlands live the other day (not on YT yet from what I can see), and debuted this live:

Some great reviews for this current tour, I posted that this may be my last New Order gig prior to their O2 gig as in 2021 at the same venue it was bit mechanical but this time around were absolutely superb.

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