What song are you listening to right now?

Trill said:
What song are you listening to right this very minute? Right now, for me, it's Do You Want To? by Franz Ferdinand. Could be worse, I suppose...

Mines worse, I have to listen to Kiss Fm at work (bad dance music and heavy on the RnB) and it's enough to drive me insane. At the moment it's Pink's latest. Actually, this is one of the best things I've heard all day, which says it all!
Trill said:
I used to work in an office where they would insist on Kiss FM, It's awful. I totally know how you feel. I didn't realise how many times people had asked what are you listening to right now. I thought it was a fun question but it looks like I wasn't the only one. Right now, it's Opened Once by Jeff Buckley. I hope Kiss plays something half decent soon.

Great minds think alike! Hmm, I don't think kiss even have anything good to play. I just have to keep my fingers crossed for something decent like Eminem or Basement Jaxx as opposed to Kanye West and ex members of Destiny's child! Argh!!!
At work and have to listen to Bon Jovi-Living On A Prayer....on the radio....sickening.
on the classic rock station here at work..... "Mama Kin" by Aerosmith.
I'm listening to Mad Marge & The Stonecutters-Ode to the devil. :D,oh btw im new to the forum.

"Man-Slag". Written and performed by my thirteen year old daughter. I think she has rather confused feelings for this boy, lol! Here's the lyric:


"You're such a man-slag and a two-timing tart.
I'm writing about you and you're wasting my arm.
My friend says she loves you and I say that you're hot,
But you know you're not really breaking my heart.

You got a bj off the class slut;
She was a wannabe Vicky Pollard.
Every time you joke at me and turn me down,
I remember the time you wore my bra

Every day you flirt with me. You feel my arse -
I think it's kinda sweet.
Everyone else says that you're a pervert,
But I think you're kinda neat

Me and Abbie think that your favourite subject
Is definitely your penis.
We both think you're really obsessed
By your small and shrivelled penis." :eek:

And to think, at that age I was gazing at my Bay City Rollers posters and sighing romantically....


the new kris kristofferson. song - 'the last thing to go'. this is a really nice album. i think fans of cash's american series would dig this album too...
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