nugz luvs dmb

  1. blue jag

    Is there someone you secretly fancy on here but would be too shy to divulge who?

  2. cornelius blaze

    Becoming a Moderator!

    Hello fellow Solo users, After some lengthy negotiations with the powers that run ‘Morrissey Solo’. It has been agreed that I am to become a new moderator for this site. I would like to thank David for this opportunity and my fellow moderators and our future together on this great fan site...
  3. Mclenarr

    To meat eat or not ot meat eat?

    ignore this thread i was just on a whim!
  4. T

    What song are you listening to right now?

    What song are you listening to right this very minute? Right now, for me, it's Do You Want To? by Franz Ferdinand. Could be worse, I suppose...
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