what are you eating right now

I had a strong craving for peanut butter, so I went out and bought some organic smooth ground, thinking I'd eat it straight out of the jar, but after I got home, I realized that I needed to eat broccoli for my eyes, and one thing led to another. I mixed some peanut butter with soy sauce and garlic/onion powders and water, and presto! A great veggie dip it was.
If veggies are gonna be this good, I won't have a problem eating plenty of them. I want more!
Hot chocolate, made with organic, fair trade cocoa, that I haven't been able to restock lately. I'm down to the last spoonfuls. Then it's regular Dutch cocoa powder, which still hits the spot, but doesn't have the good karma the organic fair trade does. I was surprised this afternoon at how busy the grocery store was, at 2PMish. Why don't they have everything I want, I wonder.
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