1. Compadre

    Joaquin Phoenix "veganizing" awards ceremonies - following in Morrissey's footsteps In case it's of interest I thought I'd share this - it reminds me of what Morrissey does for his venues to bring awareness and promote the cause. By Gary Baum from the Hollywood Reporter: Amid Oscar...
  2. H

    Israel, Tel Aviv and veganism - Guardian article

    Here's an interesting article on the growing veganism movement within Judaism and Israel: Bearing in mind Morrissey's recently professed love for Tel Aviv and Israel, I thought it...
  3. G

    Vivien Glass

    Hello Morrissey fans! I adore Morrissey, he really means everything to me and is the reason I am vegan. I thought I would come here to share my band with you, I really would like to know what you think. I play the drums and sing the harmonies in an electronic 3 piece from London and we...
  4. E

    Morrissey not vegan?

    Only recently did I discover that Morrissey is strictly vegetarian and not vegan. Although I always saw Morrissey being proclaimed as a vegetarian, I just always assumed he was still vegan on a basis of common sense. His personality and opinions all point towards a lifestly of veganism, but on...
  5. nightingale+therose

    Are vegetarians/vegans dying out?

    Mr Nightingale came up with a theory (after watching a Richard Dawkins programme) that vegeratianism will die out due to natural selection.:mad: Upon asking me to name my top 10 vegetarians, he calculated that only 20% of them are procreating and deduced that we would all die out within a few...
  6. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    what are you eating right now

    im havin a sardine sanwhich with swiss cheese on white bread :eek: yes, i need to buy lettuce too :o
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