Morrissey Central "Somewhere near Leeds." (July 11, 2023)


Brendan Buckley (drums), Jesse Tobias (guitar), Carmen Vandenberg (guitar), Camila Grey (keyboard). Juan Galeano (bass) and Morrissey (bagpipes) are not in this picture - by choice.

As someone who feels the Jesse era gets a bit too much hate, I do agree that this current line up is not "it". I am starting to sound like a broken record here, but the new guitarist is shaky at best. Sure, she can noodle random scales during song outtros, but her playing is inconsistent with the song fundamentals. HSIN for instance, she rakes the lead differently almost each time in some of the footage. Some people here think it's cool, but as a life long guitar player myself, it's just flat out inconsistency. I am not sure if people are just excited that some women are in the band or what, but normally this forum is scathing and I am still surprised the amount of positivity this line up is getting. I love Brendan's playing though, he's a maverick on drums.
Morrissey looks like a walking dead and his backing rabble come across as tits. His career is in its death throes now.
With the ousting of Boz and Alain, Jesse's finally got himself in the position he always wanted - number one henchman. It kinda feels like a hollow victory though, with Mozzas career at an all-time low. Still, he seems to be enjoying himself.
most fans do not care
Why should they? The new band are good
I think he needed a change. Makes me laugh when people say “why does he attract such bad people “ . It's simple, when you say what he says you pick up bad people
He may not be a full on racist but he is attracting that ilk. You can see them in the crowd and on Twitter. Look a great gig

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