Morrissey Central "CARMEN VANDENBERG AT LEEDS" (July 13, 2023)

There were probably a few people there to see The Lottery Winners as are they are on a roll right now having just had their first number one album. They also sold out their Manchester Apollo date in December in a couple of hours.
Yeh, I presumed as much. TLW had plenty of banter, but their music didn't really do it for me, and TSRC I enjoy, but they had very little banter, lol.
I know that I have posted a lot about what’s frustrating me right now with the line up. I love Morrissey just as much as I always have and he’s been there when I had no one else. Or rather his music has. I think the switch up and the huge and most likely permanent loss of Boz, along with maybe losing Alain too, just doesn’t feel right. Some of us have had this lineup in our lives for over 30 years and it was amazing and pure and perfect. Even when it was just Boz, it felt okay. I don’t do well with change. I am a creature of habit and I hold certain people and things very close to my heart. So, it’s like taking a rug right from under my feet, I guess. I don’t regret what I’ve said. I hate that I feel this way. I’m not a monster or a cold person. It’s just how I feel at the moment. Morrissey is so important to me and I’d fight to the death if I had to, but that is why I feel like I do right now. Everything seems wrong and suddenly it’s all politics, politics, politics…and death. It’s like saying goodbye to just one more thing in life as one ages. I am happy he is out there touring and I hope he’s having a wonderful time and that he’s happy - that’s all that matters, I guess, in the end.
She is great. She is young. She is sexy. But she'll never last. If you think that she'll still be there with Moz years from now you're delusional. Alain is a better songwriter and collaborator, plus he has the roots and experience playing with a guy he obviously loves.

I can see Moz at 70 blowing into town and hiring local pick-up bands like Chuck Berry or Sylvain Sylvain.
Ha, ha! Don't you mean "They are great. They are young. They are sexy. But they will never last."

I can see Moz at 70 blowing into town with a battered suitcase full of shirts that say No record deal, No management, No airplay, No band, and then hiring a pickup band of teenagers on Craigslist.
Let's see how things pan out. Her approach to the old songs may inject something new to the set list many claim to be so bored of. Also the recent 70s direction things are going in now may be a perfect for her.
My Morrissey fandom is all over the shop today. SER doesn't have anything to do with Central and Alain left because of the tour manager.

Game changer.
Actually, FWD made a very good case that SR does have something to do with Central. I think we probably should interpret his statement as meaning simply that the final decision on what goes in there is Morrissey's and not his.

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