New Source for Mama Lay Softly...


Hideous trait.
How did we miss this? Well... the English version's lyrics don't fit. You have to look up and read the German (or the Dutch) versions to see the connections.



And digging deeper, there's an alternate German lyric that's much darker--not so much about a boy growing up and leaving his mama behind, but something much more sinister:

Do wirst doch nicht um deinen jungen weinen (don't cry over your boy)
Bald wird das wieder uns vereinen (soon we'll be reunited)

Ich word es nie vergessen (I will never forget it)
Was ich an dir hab besessen (my obsession with you)
Das es auf erden nur eine gibt (that on earth there is only one)
Die mich so heiß hat geliebt (who loves me so passionately [hotly])

Und bringt das schicksal uns nur kummer und schmerz (and the moment brings us nothing but sadness and pain)
Dann denk ich oft daranes weint für mich immer (then I think it will cry forever for me)
Mama dein herz" (Mama, your heart)

So... verdict? It's prime Morrissey material: kitschy 60s variety-show fodder. The version anyone remembers is just a little strange. Only extensive youtube mining and lyric database yields the darker edge, which could, with no small stretch of the imagination, inspire this:

Mama, why did you do it?
Mama, who drove you to it?

Spare priggish money men
Who scared the life out of you
Bailiffs with bad breath
I will slit their throats for you
Life is nothing much to lose
It's just so lonely here without you, mama

Life is nothing much to lose
It's just so lonely here without you

So, we're gonna run to you
We're gonna come to you
We're gonna lie down beside you, mama

We're gonna be with you
We're gonna join you
We're gonna lie down beside you, mama

And we will be safe and sheltered in our graves
We'll come before you
And we will kiss you
By way of one final hug, mama"

Mama, your heart, I think, will cry always for me.

Thought I'd share that little discovery. Bis bald!
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