Robbie Williams channels Morrissey in his new video for Love My Life

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    1. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Because of the fact Robbie is channeling Moz.
      Or not. Just nice to get sidetracked from Donald.
    2. Anonymous
      Maybe not 100% right place for that, but since this thread appeared here... Man, something bad happened with Robbie. He lost something he had in the past, I think. I don't see any meaning.
    3. Anonymous
      what does channeling morrissey mean?
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    4. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Good question!
      It's a quite post modern word and has not a strict definition so anyone can read into it what he or she wants.
      I think Robbie Williams has a great respect for Moz and as he seems to be uncertain about his own music, despite all "success" he definitely had, he is using his inspiration and more or less copies certain aspects.

      Unfortunately, he seems to concentrate more on superficial, easy to copy aspects and thus in doing so imitating him.
      If he would be able to just use his inspiration and come up with a personal, more daring, honest and explicit representation of HIMSELF it could be interesting, but I'm not counting on that to happen.

      But you never know.
      I don't really dislike him.
      He seems kind and nice as a person but that tells us nothing.
    5. ACTON
      It was 'I Like You' but Moz said no. Quite right too. Robbie might have a quiff and look good but he's as manufactured as a bar of soap and is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the music sindustry. That said, his voice isnt quite as irritating as other mindless poptarts.
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    6. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Moz should do that song in his live stage shows.
      And which song could be more appropriate in this Donald timeframe than " Now My Heart Is full "?
      There's gonna be some trouble
      a whole (white) house will need re-building
      and everyone I love in the house
      will recline on an analyst couch quite
      your Father cracks a joke
      and in the usual way
      empties the room :brows:
    7. Anonymous
      always thought rw could pull off a version of trouble loves me and make it a well known track in the mainstream
    8. bandrus1
      Robbie is not popular in the states... had no clue he was considered a mainstream industry trash star
    9. Anonymous
      This is one of Robbie's more insipid singles, to be sure, but it must be said that he is the most charismatic singer to come out of the UK since Moz. Now middle aged (god it's depressing to see how young and virile he once was) Rob seems to be trying to reinvent himself and sees old Mozzer as a good role model. I agree that the look in video (heavy coat as it's obviously freezing on beach) and hair cut on sides reads as much Colin Farrell as Moz, but I get the connection. As someone who's a huge RW fan I have to speak for an artist who's underrated.
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    10. countthree
      I like RW. But he should change his hairdresser and get a good stylist. He is a good loking man, but that haircut doesn't suit his face shape. Besides his hair color should be on the warm side of the palette. Surely he will find his own path in this new stage of his life because he is a great singer.
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