morrissey in comics

what's the translation?
I travel alone to Vienna by car (from Budapest).
A short introduction of Gasometer. (It's made of four former gas tanks etc.)
Morrissey is one of my favourite singers.
Merchandise: "Oh, it's very expensive!"
"It should have started... this band (Doll and the kicks) is awful..."
Info about Moz: for those who don't know him.
Moz is 50 this year.
The concert was excellent, but my hearing has been damaged. (It was too loud and noisy.)
That's why I can't hear the sound of the GPS in the car on the way home:
"Turn right by the next..."
"What? Which direction?"
I remember being very taken aback when Morrissey appeared in Adolf Hitler's wardrobe singing 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' in Grant Morrison's 'New Adventures of Adolf Hitler'.
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