Morrissey met Marianne in a hotel in Brussels


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Just got an e-mail by 2 people I met at the Marianne concert, and they just e-mailed me about this matter - here we go:

Nous avons appris que Morrissey a passé toute la nuit avec Marianne à l'hôtel Amigo à boire, et le lendemain au Forest National de Bruxelles il a donné une très mauvaise audience, et les fans n'étaient pas content, et je les comprend...

I translate:

We have learned that Morrissey has passed the whole night with Marianne in the hotel Amigo drinking and the next day in the Forest National of Brussels he did a bad performance, and the fans were not happy, and I understand...

Guess she means as he did not sleep the whole night or...what? Does somebody know or can you confirm it was a bad concert???
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Re: Morrissey met Marianne in the hotel in Brussels

My Vonnegut dingbat hurts from recent action.
Re: Morrissey met Marianne in the hotel in Brussels

Btw - Marianne sang 'Dear God please help me' at the Brussels gig - at the end of the show! Great version, indeed!
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