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  • I surely did, Skinner;can't beat the old DM for nonsense. :)
    What about that blobfish? I'd never heard of them before. What an extraordinary creature!

    Miss you too, buddy. Curse restricted technology.:tears:
    Hey Girl!!!!!! :) I Miss You! I think about You during my Busy Days at the Toll Booth...
    Someone I know, who's name may or may not be Danielle Stone, found a legit free download of Crash Love, including the bonus tracks and the ellusive "100 Words"

    ...This mysterious person will upload them to megaupload for Skinner, if you so please
    Did you buy/listen to Crash Love? I think I am in love again, dude. DU killed it for me...I think the AFI I know and love may be back (well, in an evolved sense)
    Did you see Pee Wee on Jay Leno tonight? :sweet:
    btw, Jay/that show sucks big donkey balls. Had to watch the Pee Wee part.
    I know! I wish he were on a US Tour! Ha ha :lbf: Pee Wee will come back, tho to me, he’s never left! :cool:

    Good luck to your cousin. I’m sure he’ll have some great plebe stories to tell. ;) So, you’re a Navy family too? The similarities never end, mah brain twin. :)
    Heh.. yeah.. I am a mod.. but Kewpie was asking people to not hijack threads yesterday so I figured I would try not to be next. Mod on mod action is never sexy.

    On a co-ed team if a woman plays hard and isn't an automatic out, it doesn't matter if she's not launching bombs every at bat. It really should be about having fun but winning is fun. I like the social aspect of it. Going out after games, weekend cookouts/parties, poker parties, et cetera.

    You mentioned a gay women's team. Boston has a pretty big gay community but I've never heard of such a thing. Is that just the team or is that an entire league?
    I think we are going to get yelled at for hijacking the thread... those moderators are always hating on me.

    All those teams.. you remind me of my friend.. she plays on 3 teams at a time and plays basketball and flag football. If you want to be her friend you pretty much have to be on one of her teams or you never see her.

    I've always liked playing in co-ed leagues but we have always had really good women players. It's nice to know that everyone on your team can actually play and plays to win. Our team was together for a while and after 6 years or so we made it up to a B league.

    There are a ton of leagues near Boston but I've never heard of an a men's fast-pitch league. Might be some though.
    Thanks! I was really happy when I found the picture. I wanted a pic of Brian and Steve, and when I found this one with the tab's just perfect! :D And btw, I've heard there's gonna be a new season...yeey! :D
    on the frink page 1436 there is a pic of n moz followed by your request..but im sure you know this pic,hmm?
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