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  • I understand where you are coming from. When I'm down south I like to come home. My parents always say they want to move down south!:O Good luck, it sounds like you are on the right track!:D
    Oh wow congrats!

    I hope you like it way better. We go to SC for holidays! NC always seems nice, where do you want to go? Have you gone back to Ireland?

    hugs Anne
    I met Davy at a Brady Bunch play ('93 I think) the one where Marcia met Davy :sweet: and he was signing autographs know I stood in line :D and when I got to him, I squeeled "I STILL LOVE YOU, CAN I HAVE A HUG!?" and then told him my middle name was Jones so he wrote "Love ya, Jonesie" on my first Monkees RCA record. :sweet: SWOOOOOON!!!

    This was my avatar for awhile. Can you believe some people didn't know who it was!!?? The nerve! :)
    Hi Laura, I found you! I'm here all the time, so keep in touch! Morrissey-solo is my home away from home. -- Diane
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