Morrissey Central "In Dublin’s Fair City" (July 15, 2023)

“Carmen Vandenberg (guitars), Juan Galeano (bass), Camila Grey (keyboards), Jesse Tobias (guitars) today or yesterday. Morrissey was understandably not allowed in the photo.”​

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What cheap brands are they wearing? I certainly don’t wear my good clothes when out exploring. The band looks great and all seem to be getting along. It makes you wonder, maybe the people who have left WERE the problem?
Haha we'll see if they can write music, good enough to compete with Vauxhall and I or viva hate, even with kill uncle.

But I get it, you must be new about M music
The worst Lawnmower parts in his entire career.
Ive seen better pub rock cover bands.

Benny 🇬🇧 :knife:
Which of the girls will be first to do a woke tell all in a few years about how terrible the experience was with Moz and Jesse?

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