Morrissey Central "Johnnissey" (July 12, 2023)


wow, if only it sounded like John.

Ok, give it a couple years and these simulations will be ‘perfect’. And the music industry will be reborn! Finally they will be able to cut out the artist ( which is what they always ultimately wanted ) and give future generations the exact product they want, or think they want.

real won’t matter
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:LOL: it seems to be another case of Moz falling down an internet rabbit hole... been there done that. It's all so early 2000s finding things on the internet and posting them on your personal blog...
But to be honest...when I read "Johnnissey" I was expecting something exciting for a teeny tiny split second in a parallel universe

These videos are all awfuuuuul my ears are bleeding 😵‍💫
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With any luck, he'll consolidate this giggly new internet obsession into one of those long "six dozen YouTube videos at once" posts that nearly crashes the page. Get all the AI covers out of his system for several months or so. "YOU KNOW AI COULDN'T LAST."
iv just been listening M and lana del ray do a cover of elvis cant help falling in love,her voice is really good but M sounds a bit too near to elvis,AI is in its infancy so the possibilities are endles.

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