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By I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer on Aug 12, 2017 at 5:35 PM
  1. I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer

    I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer Active Member

    Sep 23, 2015

    I'd be curious how they put together the soundtrack. If anybody goes to a Q&A and can ask Gill that, let me know what he says!

    Lonely Planet Boy - New York Dolls
    In My Lonely Room - Single Version (Mono) - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
    Virginia Plain - Roxy Music
    Jazz Suite No. 2: VI. Waltz No. 2 - Dmitri Shostakovich
    I Don't Like - George Formby
    (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone - Live From Screen On The Green, Islington, United Kingdom / 1976 - Sex Pistols
    Recoil - 2007 Digital Remaster - Magazine
    Je veux qu'il revienne - Françoise Hardy
    Only To Other People - The Cookies
    So Little Time - Diana Dors
    Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On - Johnny Tillotson
    Give Him A Great Big Kiss - The Shangri-Las
    This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us - Sparks
    Sea Diver - Mott The Hoople
    Last Night Was Made For Love - Billy Fury
    My Boy Lollipop - Millie Small
    Come And Stay With Me - Marianne Faithfull
    Out In The Streets - The Shangri-Las
    You're The One - Stereo Version - The Marvelettes
    The World's Loneliest Man - Vince Eager

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    1. Uncleskinny
      That's a good list, encompassing a variety of reference material. Pleased to see Lonely Planet Boy, with it's lyrics...

      "But how could you be drivin'
      Down by my home
      When ya know, I ain't got one"

      ...which kind of influenced a song.
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    2. SuedeMoz
      Wonder if the exclusion of Bowie was intentional or not? Morrissey has expressed his fondness for "Starman" - even after the fallout.
    3. Sarcasmos
      I doubt they could've afforded to use any of Bowie's songs
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    4. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      I don't think it was on porpuse. The pal above said about the producer don't afforded to use Bowie's song and I agree. I really doubt that Bowie's heirs would allow any song to be involved with Morrissey's name.
    5. gordyboy9
      one thing Morrissey cant complain about is the soundtrack.makers should send him a copy.
    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Looks like a bit of Desert Island Discs coupled with pulling a few from the various year's pre-gig tunes.
      I'm surprised Groovin' With Mr. Bloe wasn't on there.

      Should add: just to echo Raphael - one thing I hear consistently on DVD commentary tracks is a Producer or Director bemoaning the songs they wanted to include in their film, but being too expensive to buy the rights for.
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    7. SuedeMoz
      Just finished listening - it's really good - makes me want to see the movie.
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    8. Kennethwilliamsunderstudy
      The music makes the film ... the story is old , we know .... go see it , it's no citizen Kane but there's worse ways to waste a couple of hours
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    9. ACTON
      'Only to other people' by The Cookies sounds uncannily just like 'Girl Least Likely To'. Sneaky Moz might have pilfered that tune I think!
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    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Good find Acton, maybe it was mentioned before but hearing this now, it sounds very uncannily like 'Girl Least Likely To'.
      Sneaky Moz indeed but I guess it'takes a certain kind of talent too to see and imagine and use that song for his own music.
      I can't and don't blame him. :thumb:
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    11. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      Yes, and now that The Cookies might have half a chance to get paid for it, it's put on Spotify where they will have to split three cents per million plays. Forget Mike Joyce, if there are any living Cookies, Morrissey ought to at least pay their electric bills.
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    12. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun


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    13. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      this may be a case where the soundtrack is better than the film.If so, at least something good came out of it.
    14. celibate
      I can't keep up with the newsitems, but I'm on spotify and this won't direct me to it.

      Most of the songs I know and were on podcasts on the World of Morrissey facebookgroup, think it definately gives more to the movie, which I hope will be seen in Europe.
    15. Uncleskinny
      We've covered this ground many times over the years. If you're going down that track of b-sides that were clearly lifted, then you could look at Sparks' 'Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth' or Gilbert O'Sullivans' 'Nothing Rhymed'.
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    16. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I don't use Spotify (unless searching for information about gigs that are then withdrawn! :mad:), but given the interest in playlists - this is worth a go. Every track Moz mentions in Autobiography in Spotify playlist form. 59 in total.

      Apologies in advance, Spotify doesn't seem to embed well on here. Use the link below and excuse the tracklist being in jpegs.


      From here originally:

      20170813_165758.png 20170813_165825.png 20170813_165904.png 20170813_165928.png 20170813_165947.png 20170813_170010.png
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    17. gordyboy9
      that's a good bunch of songs.
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    18. Cornflakes
      Does anyone know if Morrissey has ever expressed a particular thing about Shostakovich? I know about the sample on Southpaw Grammar, but that was presumably Boz.
    19. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Cookie monster!
      I want coooookkkiiieesss. :p

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