"England Is Mine" - Mark Gill, Jack Lowden interviews

It's time the tale were told: Mark Gill on his new film about Morrissey before The Smiths - Herald Scotland

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ENGLAND IS MINE: Writer/Director Mark Gill Talks About His Morrissey Biopic - Britflicks
Britflicks Podcast host Stuart Wright talks with writer/director Mark Gill about his debut feature film: ENGLAND IS MINE...

Jack Lowden, the man who would be Morrissey: ‘It was probably helpful that I wasn’t a massive fan’ - The Guardian
The Scottish actor may not have grown up with The Queen is Dead but still looks the part in England is Mine. He talks about his ballet-dancing youth and working with Harry Styles in the louder-than-bombs second world war hit


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‘England Is Mine’ – director Mark Gill on putting Morrissey in the movies - NME

‘England Is Mine’ – Jack Lowden on playing Morrissey - NME
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“We spoke a lot during the film about it being a mask, and being this very profound and almost arrogant persona he chose to put on, even if it often fell flat on its arse in the early days."

Fits with what Moz said in this SPIN interview from 1992:

"I think it’s because you assume that your personality, as it stands, isn’t really naturally acceptable to most people—that you have to control it or fashion it slightly, and similarly, your language."

Their idea that Moz has been that different from when he was in the Smiths is questionable. I remember Linder Sterling saying that she never met someone who was so "complete" at the age of 17 like Moz was.
Jack was pretty good in Dunkirk. I always find it funny when people say they aren't a massive fan of the people they are portraying, or for example the actors in Watchmen saying they'd never even heard of the graphic novel. I don't know why it always surprises me, when of course it shouldn't.
The Irish Times:
'Morrissey tries to be cool. That's more endearing than people who are cool.'

The rising Scottish actor Jack Lowden speaks about how he made Dunkirk and emoting Morrissey in ‘England is Mine’

“I didn’t grow up with The Smiths,” he says. “When I read the script, I thought it was incredibly funny. It is the story of this extremely awkward teenager. The fact that he became Morrissey is sort of the icing on the cake. I found the guy on the page so entertaining. He really tries and I always find that more endearing than people who actually are cool. I prefer those who just try to be cool.”


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