Morrissey Central "Update." (August 16, 2023)


Those albums are dead - forget about 'em. Hopefully the new band lineup will record a new LP soon. It might be third time lucky and actually get released.
But, by whom? That’s the problem. A new band lineup has nothing to do with it.
Excuse my ignorance, but who is Trina?

I honestly don’t know. I’m just asking why anyone gives her the time of day if she’s pushing people around.
40 years of Morrissey…where he obscure sound from his last to unreleased album and Jack the Ripper.
You’d think she’s the only Moz apostle in Oz & NZ. Maybe she’s trying to pull the disability card like her mate did on the recent UK dates. But she’ll be there directing traffic and telling everybody how to conduct themselves. I feel sorry for those who have to endure her antics.
In the words of McFly .. it’s all about Me, it’s all about Me baby.
What do you mean by pull the disability card? What did she do?
Ah Betamax, our first video player was a betamax, could never get any good tapes from the video shop cos they were all VHS, the eject button was like the till from Open All Hours, and they were as heavy as a bloody washing machine.
Great days

I hear you, brother. My parents incorrectly chose Betamax over VHS, could never get any decent films when I was a young 'un. It still works so I'll continue to use it.
The fact that shows have sold out seems like an update worthy of posting to me. If you're not interested then ignore, though you evidently are.
I am so honored you came here as a guest to waste a post on me. I hope he cancels this part of the tour. :)

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