Morrissey Central "TWITTERATI" (September 5, 2021)

Several people believe they are in correspondence with Morrissey via Twitter. We would like it to
be known that Morrissey has not ever been on either Twitter or Facebook, has not ever had accounts
with either, and does not ever intend to.
Beware of mimics.
Thank you.

"Signs" 😂

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Ketamine Sun

'Beware of mimics.'

Indeed. Morrissey has been impersonating the lead singer of The Smiths for three and a half decades.

Yes, and his ‘fans’ and media won’t let him drop it.

If it was up to them, he’d still be swinging gladioli over his head, etc. ffs.

Ketamine Sun

IP hash cretin,

:lbf: sounds like a Mark E Smith lyric.

the thing that shows any registered user here that you are posting as 'Morr-ee-sey' too. If you'd like me to show your 'audience' your actual IP and the other poster's - you have but to ask.
Anyway, your ego-driven desperation for relevancy is excruciatingly painful to witness.
I suspect the only thing 'busted' is your temporal, parietal & occipital lobes, but you have a great day now.
Still no regards,
Someone in 2 parts of the country simultaneously :crazy:


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:lbf: sounds like a Mark E Smith lyric.
Hey, IP hash cretin
You don’t see all that info we’re gettin’
That you’re givin’ without even knowin’
All the stuff that you’re simply just showin’
Wise up & stop all your clownin'
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah..
(drop the mic) :microphone:
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Vegan Cro Spirit 444

And here he is…busted! You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? Your Mr nice guy pessoa, FWD needed Mr Nasty to help did he? You are so transparent. I blow my nose at you.

you are seeing good cop bad cop in skinny contribution?:unsure:

Vegan Cro Spirit 444

Reading IP’s? That’s what Skinny always used to do. He’ll be along soon..

now that is true, skinny used to hand out IPs as if they were candy back in the day.🍭


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Twitterati < MOZZERATI

I did hear a few "rats" 🐀 during Thurday nights concert live stream, among many other things I've noticed.


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If you ever want to know what Morrissey is really thinking, just ask Ketamine Sun and Nerak to look deep inside their anal cavities and they'll let you know.


Guys if Moz doesn't read the solo then we're re crazy when we write addressing him, why then do we

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