Morrissey Central "Vegas clip" (September 9, 2021)

Utter coolness.

Anyone know the girl in the back? Looks like a young Chrissie but I doubt it.
The backdrop is from the Italian film: Seduced and Abandoned (1965) and features Stefania Sandrelli.

Classic bimbo brain Sam not crediting fan Ryan Lowery for the video - Jesse Posted originally with correct credit.
It reminds me of Alain's nearly perfect tambourine pass to Morrissey in the 'Pregnant For The Last Time' music video, although Morrissey's is a bit more impressive.
I'm going to say...the guy who took the video. Was that a trick question?
Why care now? If he couldn’t pay Derek Ridgers in ‘92 he’s scarcely going to give a toss about this. Is it a tactic for old Morrissey fans to re-arrive naive? Often.
You're proposing they did a Capricorn One on it and faked the tambourine landing? Hmmm interesting.

I see two entities disliked my joke above. Some people need to invest in a sense of humour. Or are they just thick?

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