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I ranked the top 4 myself several pages back and I picked the same albums, slightly different order, so how would you rank, if you care to share?
I don't honestly have a personal fave and the worst part is that I don't particularly dislike any of them. I often find some albums to be beautifully crafted yet I rarely listen to them.. With this band I also have their deluxe versions where every albums has over 30 tracks and rarely any fillers. None of them stands out as "bad enough" to be on the bottom lol. OK I can live with that top list of DMS, SFL, S, CU, AF even not always in that order, but somehow I can't see HM or BH being on the bottom and if BS is not as good as the top 4 then it's certainly not any worse. Kill me but I actually like NT and NM a lot lol The rare demos/live versions I can live without. If someone was just asking me to recommend 1 of their albums I'd tell them to get their SINGLES album without hesitation. But I'd probably do that with Pulp or Manics also, or even Moz' Bona Drag :)
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Been listening to the recording of 'Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall' in the car today and it reminded me how powerful Brett's first solo album was and secondly how utterly brilliant Suede are. Definitely my favourite band after The Smiths.
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