Morrissey one of PETA's "Famous Vegetarians" US stamps

Update Dec. 3, 2:30pm PT:

Item is on with a quote from Morrissey:

Morrissey says: "I am delighted beyond words to be a PETA postage stamp. The rise and rise of PETA is the rise of common sense in modern society. Join the aims of PETA and join a better world."

Just spotted on their website PETA's new US Postage Stamps featuring "famous vegetarians" includes Morrissey.

I think it means you can only buy them from the PETA site but use to post letters in the US?

Famous Vegetarians Featured on U.S. Postage - PETA

PETA has launched a limited-edition sheet of U.S. postage PhotoStampsTM featuring famous vegetarians throughout history. The VIPs featured on these unique postage sheets ditched meat from their diets either out of concern for their health, for the environment, or for animals—and our world would not be the same without their accomplishments. Although the individuals featured in this series seem very different at first glance, they are united in their respect for animals.

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No Hitler stamp!? He's still pretty well known and was a vegetarian.
Rip off! you can make your own stamps with your own morrissey/ smiths or whatever pictures from the usps website and proceeds wont go to a "anti animal cuelty" organization.
It's a myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. He loved German sausages apparently. His cook was interviewed at some point and confirmed Hitler ate meat.
PETA know better than to promote vegetarianism as any kind of signifianct gesture for other animals, the environment or personal health.Going vegan is the way to address the above but they simply crave media attention and the subsequent fundraising. Shame these mixed interests lead to mixed messages.
Wish PETA would take a few of the many millions they take in each year to support local animal shelters . I'm afraid it's like you said MilkIsMurder .......... they are to busy feeding the media machine. All a big show to them ! :(
Stamps are a little misleading as Steve-O, Natalie Portman, Bryan Adams and Ellen De Generes are all vegans. Morrissey has allowed a song he wrote to be used in an advertisement to promote a store that sells animal flesh, and animal by products, the store being John Lewis. He has as a result directly financially profited from that company that sells animal flesh and animal by products.
I love Bryan Adams new look. I'd still have him face down, though.
Morrissey loves to eat meat. He likes it inside of him.

moderators , act please, as I asked...anyone with an IQ 80+knows this sorta posts,
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ship those whole piece of stamps to people who're not living in the USAmoney is not the problem, pay shipping costs, there's a valid email on my avatar with daily 50 spam mails:(or maybe there's someone who knows how to purchase that paper of real stamps forpeople not from the USA, haven't checked PETA...ta

If only they would shut up altogether!! Stating their BELIEVES? There are people who plain simply do not want to animals without their underlying bullshit that they keeping going on about. And now vegetarians meals are gone in French schools, because they won't shut the f*** up.

And the stamps of their stupid faces is good for what? More of their shameless self promotion?

They are so annoying that it becomes increasingly embarrassing to admit in public to be a vegetarian as one is almost automatically thrown in one box with these esoterics/occultists.
Where's "Weird Al" Yankovic? He too is a vegetarian, though his songs are about stomping weasels and ripping wings off flies...Weird Al actually doesn't eat meat and hasn't for 20+ years!
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