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  • Aww, thanks sweetie! Happy belated birthday to you :) which makes me realize I haven't been checking/keeping up to date with Solo birfdays... Hope yours was fab. VIRGOS RULE :cool:
    Oh Mate!

    Thank you so much for the birthday card which is not only lovely but also arrived on the very day...PERFECT!....except of course for the fact that I have been left highly embarrassed that I didn't bloody send you one!! SHAME IS THE NAME!

    Please forgive my rather horrid oversight....and it goes without saying that I too wish you a truly splendid day full of lovely treats...hope you get thoroughly spoilt as you deserve it poppet...with bells on!

    Lots of love always
    Tess xxx
    Thanks!! I had a great day & night. Today was shit tho. Yeah, it's soooo not my birthday anymore!
    hi.. this pic (o was it a video ) of you chatting with morrisssey in ireland...i wonder if you liek to share it?
    thnks very much...
    hope you had a good time in ireland
    Oh honey, we can't have that now (feeling unloved)! I will always love you (Whitney Houston voice :D) I hope you had a great birthday, too. Have a very happy and Mozzery month!

    Virgo Power :guitar:
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