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Years of Refusal (Decca/Universal)
Another Morrissey album, another dozen diary entries by Britpop’s elder-statesman/eternal-teenager. There’s certainly enough juvenile spite, sarcasm and lovelorn sentiment inside to match the “man-child” cover art, but there’s also a fresh streak of confidence in the lyrics, and in the music. Backed by a lean, mean quartet, led by his longtime guitarist Boz Boorer (with mariachi horns piping up here and there, perhaps to please his Mexi-Cali base), Morrissey sounds rejuvenated. The man has not rocked this hard since 1992’s Your Arsenal, and even the vocals sound like he’s had a shot in the arm. Steven Patrick, are you on steroids? It really, really helped you. 8/10 Trial Track: “All You Need Is Me”
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