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Not sure if a review from a Norwegian daily is interesting, but here goes..

Morrissey on the side

With this and REM the difficult Christmas and Father's Day gifts are sorted.

Good improvement to Morrissey, who collapsed on stage this weekend with breathing difficulties. He is 50 now, almost as old as Michael Schoeffling, and have just released his worst album in the 2000s ( "Years Of Refusal"). This, however, he corrects with a double-CD with B-sides from the 2000s. It may not look so promising on paper, but Grytten and other connoisseurs know that Morrissey tends to hide many good songs as bonus tracks on singles. It is a riddle that piercing "My Dearest Love", for example, could not fit on the parent album earlier this year. Many of these songs are fully on par with Morrissey's last two uneven albums, both in vocal performance, songwriting and production. Orchestral ballad "Christian Dior" is sarcastic and self-piercing of the classic Morrissey-show - "Christian Dior / you wasted your life / on aroma and clothes"! Seven of the songs come from the reign of comeback album "You Are The Quarry" and some of them are played so much live that already stands out as mini-classics - "Do not Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice", for example. With this and REM were the difficult Christmas and Father's Day gifts be in the box.

Dagsavisen, 27. October 2009, updated May 27 October 2009 09:37

Sorry for the bad translation - I blame myself, Google translate and a busy day. :D (And in Norway Father's Day is the second Sunday in Nov)
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