How many songs are about Johnny Marr?



Songs about Johnny happened even during The Smiths - "I Won't Share You" immediately comes to mind. Any others?
"I touched Marr at the soundcheck
He had no real way of knowing
In my heart I begged "Take me with you ...
I don't care where you're going..."


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There Speaks A True Friend was a direct response to a member of Right Said Fred putting Morrissey down and saying he was unduly miserable. He said this on a radio programme when they were reviewing his releases and Morrissey wasn't best pleased. He said something along the lines that Morrissey didn't deserve to live and this was Morrisseys response.
wow, that was harsh. Isn't he also responsible for that annoying novelty song "I'm too sexy" or whatever it was called.

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A proper man would have been trying to make up with his buddy by now. But we've always known that Johnny is a country mile from being a 'proper' man. He's always been quite a sissy and interested in his image and clothes above people. He was working in a fashion store before he met Morrissey. Always been a vain f***er. I'm sure I would have made up years ago with Morrissey... but who knows?.
i think theyre back in touch with each other, but maybe im just crazy

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miss my painting. have been doing colored pencil drawings here in hospital. hopefully ill get to go home tomorrow
Ahh. Brilliant. I'm glad you've managed to be able to stay creative while you've been in hospital. I bet you'll be glad to get home.

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Imagine having an art career that spans 4 decades and still having people speculate about how much of your work was written to/for/about someone you haven't had a relationship with for 35 of those 40 years. It's the price Morrissey pays for creating a legend, but still.

That said, "Billy Budd" and "Angel Angel Down We Go Together" definitely with "He Knows I'd Love to See Him" possibly. Beyond those, I don't think there's any more.

You forgot...

I don’t mind if you forget me.

Oh, and ..,

It’s Hard to walk tall when you’re small.

Those are definitely about Marr.



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Songs about Johnny happened even during The Smiths - "I Won't Share You" immediately comes to mind. Any others?
I Keep Mine Hidden
Hand In Glove


from the Ice Age to the dole age
My main problem with Johnny Marr is that he was closer to Morrissey than any of us could ever dream of being and he's supposed to be 'clever' but he's still not managed to make amends with a mentally ill friend? I find that disparaging as a fan of Morrissey. I find it presumptuous and arrogant that Johnny can't appreciate where Morrisseys fans are coming from, and why he should lay any more claim to knowing him than we do. And how he can be so arrogant as to have worked with him and dismiss him (and his fans) so easily. The man needs questioning. I use the word 'man' in the loosest terms
Last time you went off on this tangent, you were called out and admitted you were trolling. Waste of time. Nobody should feel compelled to be someone else's nanny/keeper 24/7, that's co-dependence not friendship.
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