Find The Hidden Song Titles...

I think something similar may have been done before but I am doing it again.
Basically read the following passage and find as many Smiths and Morrissey song titles as possible. Afterwards I ask you to reply with how many you can find, I shall PM the winners! If you have any questions or queries about the text PM me instead of leaving them posted here as they may give answers away. REMEMBER do not post the actual answers here, give every one a chance and play fair!

My Dearest Love,
Forgive my absence but recently I have been basking in this sunny weather and you have not been on my mind. Tomorrow we shall meet up for a drink but nothing more as we must accept and most importantly you must accept yourself that one day goodbye will be farewell. It is true that I used to be a sweet boy but since the incident on that dreaded late night, Maudlin Street can no longer be my real home. I do ask myself where everything went wrong and I simply know that my antics destroy and break up the family. Do not panic about your situation, you have hope and charm to attract. However, my love life with you is growing too be too tiresome and irritable. I shall willingly admit that it is not me, it is you; therefore I’m not sorry for the end. On Tuesday afternoon I am having the tattoo of the swallow on my neck removed as it reminds me too much of you. Hopefully it shall pass with ease and I shall inform you of how the operation goes. In future years you shall probably find my villainous soul at the national front disco in London with our Frank. When I told him about this relationship breakdown, I must be honest, he cried. Well, I wonder if they were tears of happiness or sadness? This note may well take you by surprise and you shall question how you shall continue. I understand that these things take time to heal, but the sun shall still shine and the off-license shall still sell the beer by the bottle. Myself and Frank shall retire to my villa in the hills of Italy with certain people I know (some of whom are boxers and gigolos) and we’ll let you know how our lives are treating us. Jeane, I like you but I do not love you anymore. So long as you are not still ill from this audacious break up then I am sure we shall shake hand in the future when all’s well.

Until then, goodbye and farewell xx.

Love PTxx.


RIP The Rev
I think so. I was going to quote the original post, and put the quotes I found in bold and maybe put a total at the end.

But since I am supposed to be working, someone else do this one and I'll take the next one. :cool:
Ok ok, basically:

Read The Text
Count How Many Smiths/ Morrissey Titles You Find
Reply With The Number e.g. 12
DO NOT post any of the actual answers e.g. This Charming Man
If You Then Want To Know If You Are Right I Shall PM You

...any more Qs...then PM me.

When I earlier said 'the actual answers' I meant the titles not your number count

Love PTxx.
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I got 27 unless you count ask twice then I got 28?


WINNERS: When I get to meet you I shall buy you a couple of pints of maybe 4 or 5...I'll keep a list.

Also, if you are just curious about the answers PM me and I'll let you know. Bear in mind that you can't answer after I give you the answers :p

Love PTxx.
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