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  • hi robert
    any new poetry going? i love them!
    how has life treating you lately?
    greets from hamburg
    Your poetry is good.
    You should write plays.
    You can be like Oscar Wilde
    I shall join ASAP. My main poetry collection is on the other computer so I soon as I transfer it I shall join. I have about 40 poems so I don't know if I want one book or two shorter books...did you buy yourself a copy of yours?
    you're like a child prodigy! Being a former English major, I have read lots of poetry in my time, and you are SO GOOD. Keep writing, my friend. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday. And thanks for sharing your poems on Solo. Such good stuff! Take care and be with those you love. Colleen :o)
    Congratulations Robert. :)

    I'd advise you to add some kind of copyright disclaimer just in case. ;)
    You're only 18? I would kill for talent like yours. I mean it. I'm constantly suffering with writer's block!
    Well, from reading your work, I definitely think you could be published. How long have you been writing? And if you don't mind, may I ask how old you are?
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