Edwyn Collins feat. Boz Boorer live on German TV 2011

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By tender_hooligan on Feb 11, 2011 at 4:30 PM
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    1. Sleeper
      I'm hoping to catch Edwyn Collins this year at SXSW, so I'll report back to see if Boz will be there.

      Anyone else heading to SXSW ? Come say hi!
    2. tender_hooligan
      Now the yesterday's complete Harald Schmidt Show is online (for one or two weeks):

      At 30:50 Harald Schmidt talks about Edwyn Collins' two devastating strokes had left him paralysed and barely able to speak and his recovery. The singer having already been music act of the early 3rd Harald Schmidt Show with his hit single "A Girl Like You" on December 8th 1995.

      The live appearance starts at 40:31. On drums is Paul Cook (Sex Pistols).
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    3. goinghome
      Quite inspiring, and catchy Nice to see Boz. :thumb:
    4. Kewpie

      Not many people seems to know that the first time Edwyn toured in Japan in 1992 one of his band members was Paul Cook.
      Their friendship started sometime in 80s.

      I saw his gigs three times in 2010, some people also saw his UK tour in November 2010.

      It's so funny to see the programme is almost a copy cat of David Letterman.
    5. King Leer
      King Leer
      Cool song! I hadn't heard anything from Collins' 2010 album. This live version actually sounds better than the official one. Good to see vets Cook and of course Boz (what is that, an alto sax?)

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