1. C

    Threats for Smiths on 1984 Irish tour

    RTE piece on 'Irish Blood, English Heart': Second-Generation Irish Musicians in England Coverage on Phantom FM Sean Cambell interview Mike
  2. C

    Book review on Morrissey and Marr in Hot Press

    I saw this review yesterday in Hot Press Irish Blood English Heart: Secoznd Gereration Irish Muscicians in England By Sean Campbell published by Cork University Press Cambridge lecturer Campbell previously co-wrote Beautiful Day, an analysis of Irish rock music over the past 40 years. In...
  3. M

    To Morrissey

    Morrissey I know you go on Morrissey-Solo. I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me. I love you
  4. N

    Johnny Marr is Dead by Brian Jonestown

    Having come from Manchester and having been resident in Portland, Orgeon, I finally got round to watching DIG! last night, which led to a search in iTunes for Brian Jonestown ... on their 2009 album "your side of our story", there is a song johnny marr is dead (which I am relieved to reveal, in...
  5. R

    Johnny Marr's official site renewal

    The old one is dead, long live the new one.
  6. Quiffaa

    The Cribs cancel Frankfurt/M - no rescheduling

    Source: Gig was due to happen on 17th of November.
  7. Quiffaa

    Johnny Marr receives Mojo classic song writer award

    BBC interview Talking Shop: Johnny Marr The Smiths, Electronic, Bryan Ferry, The The, Crowded House and Kirsty MacColl, Just some of the many acts Johnny Marr has written songs with over the years. The former Smiths guitarist is currently a full-time member of Leeds band The Cribs...
  8. SparkleBoy

    Gay or Not? The Last Rock 'N Roll Poll. he?
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