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  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy online

    www.livinglifetothefullinteractive.com (For those with mild to moderate depression), also
    Beating the Blues and
    MoodGYM which can help with depression; and
    FireFighter for panic, anxiety and phobias. MoodGYM is freely available from the web and free to use. If you want to use Beating the Blues or FireFighter, you will need a referral from your GP or other service-providers. Some of these are very high quality. Some people may prefer them to seeing a therapist, particularly as a first step. They can help with devising relevant activities, and monitor your progress in graphical form, which may be encouraging.


    Breathing Space is a free and confidential Scottish phone line for any individual who is experiencing low mood or depression or who is unusually worried and in need of someone to talk to: 0800 83 85 87.
    A self-help organisation made up of individuals and local groups

    Website raising awareness of thyroid disease as a possible cause of mental distress

    Depression Alliance co-ordinates a UK national
    network of self-help groups where members can meet on
    a regular basis to share experiences and coping strategies.
    Going to a self-help group for the first time can be challenging
    so don’t worry if you only make it as far as the door! Everyone
    who attends a self-help group understands how you might be.

    Chris, PO Box 9090, Sterling FK8 2SA
    helpline: 08457 90 90 90
    email: [email protected]
    web: www.samaritans.org
    24-hour telephone helpline offering emotional support

    CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) (Great name btw.)
    helpline: 0800 58 58 58 Sat to Tues: 5pm til Midnight
    web: www.thecalmzone.net
    Advice for young men
    'Being silent isn't being strong! It's stronger to get help in hard times.'

    helpline: 08000 684 141
    web: www.papyrus-uk.org
    Advice for young people at risk of suicide

    Saneline: 0845 767 8000
    web: www.sane.org.uk
    provides advice for those in crisis, as well as practical information.
    Since these links I collected are needed quite often I`ll post them here for easy reference

    Sometimes a talkboard seems to be all there is.

    'Talk' about suicide/ 'announcing it'
    should put up all red flags and be considered courteously and seriously.

    depression forces you to wear a set of very grey glasses/thick mittens so that you cannot fathom colours or textures clearly. (That's how it feels for me)

    Please be aware that you might err on the bleak outlook you have at the moment.

    Please give yourself a pause , a rest from thinking about suicide and

    at least procrastinate doing it/ deciding upon it.

    Suicide may not be the quick answer you are hoping for. Indeed, an attempt may fail and result in greater suffering, such as severe disablement or brain damage.

    Please express your feelings/thoughts nonviolently

    and please grant yourself what you would surely grant a friend: a chance.

    So please do contact people and or sites listed here.
    Oh I think I'm confusing you. :) (or maybe I'm confusing myself?! it wouldn't be the first time).
    Christoffer is my friend, who you were talking to and befriending on facebook, not me :)
    Wolfgang is his roommates dog -but I agree, it's a lovely pic :)
    being curvy and fit



    gorgeous plus size model Crystal renn

    another great spread
    http://www.hugs.com/ online book subtitle 'You Count, Calories Don’t'

    The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women
    by Naomi Wolf

    Fat is a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach
    Quaker links

    British Links



    finding Friends / quakers worldwide:

    non-q-informatiom on quakers[*]http://www.religioustolerance.org/quaker.htm

    "A Friend's meeting, however silent, is at the very lowest a witness that worship is something other and deeper than words, and that it is to the unseen and eternal things that we desire to give the first place in our lives. And when the meeting...is awake and looking upwards, there is much more in it than this. In the united stillness of a truly 'gathered' meeting, there is a power known only by experience, and mysterious even when most familiar." Caroline Stephen, (1908).
    Methinks he is an active and passive boobfancier of all genders
    and auto-boob-ery of course!

    public service announcement

    me doing a Mozzer
    see Statement from Moz - true-to-you.net 14 July 2009

    "I would like to stress that I have no association with the sites called Twitter, FaceBook, or myspace - so therefore anything written on these sites is not in my name or by my hand. "

    kind thanx



    happy blessed new Mozyear everyone

    Quiffaa - the one and only - accept no substitutes - kthx
    quiffaa! i see you were setting things straight on the frink :) hope you are well! it has been too long!
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