Johnny Marr is Dead by Brian Jonestown


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Having come from Manchester and having been resident in Portland, Orgeon, I finally got round to watching DIG! last night, which led to a search in iTunes for Brian Jonestown ... on their 2009 album "your side of our story", there is a song johnny marr is dead (which I am relieved to reveal, in 2010, is neither true nor predictive). Is this just portland jealosy? Is there something more to it? Anyway, I'dlike to plug the indoor football centre, run by Paul and Amy Lomanto, who took me in when I was homeless and treated me like family ... I thank, and love, them.

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DEAR GOD, the title of this thread made me aspirate my tea!

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The Chicken of D.C.

I feel kind of depressed now. It made me feel a tiny bit of what I might actually feel upon hearing such news. :(

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The Chicken of D.C.
Scarlet.. don't worry.... Johnny is alive and safe

I know. :)

I actually do worry a very tiny bit about them... All out in the world traveling around... Touching koala bears, eating potentially tainted vegan cheese, and consorting with goodness-knows-who. :)
Hate these thread titles.
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